Monday, August 25, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 8) How To Misuse Your Avatar!

Hello again,everybody~!! How are you guys doing today? And what are you guys up to? Can you guys tell me? Please? I'm just typing this so that this paragraph is a little longer but if you guys wanna tell me what are you doing,do it! Anyway,I'm glad that I get to do this review because it's Monday here already and that means Akame Ga Kill's new episode will be out soon and I don't to make two reviews! I really thought that I have to do this episode review later today because I couldn't watch the video because it stopped at seven minutes.Fortunately,I get to watch it after I refresh the page~! And now,let's get on with the review with Secre~!

Good evening,everyone.If it's not evening then I apologize. I just finished watching today's episode and Danial is just sitting at his desk watching YouTube videos... Well,as long he is happy and healthy,I'll let him do whatever he wants.I wanted to be more involved in this reviews so,I hope you don't mind me taking the lead here. So,in this episode the main tournament is starting and right just when the episode starts and when the camera just came zooming in,I noticed a 'Bandai' logo in one of the digital screens.

At the start of the episode,it was kind of slow and the timer countdown noise was a little annoying because it sounds like an alarm clock.It was very funny when Kirito acted like a girl when he and Sinon walk through the crowd.His avatar looks cute but it's kind of weird when behind that cute avatar is a guy.And Sinon is acting like a Tsundere in this episode.I thing it suits her of being a Tsundere. By the way,I like how Death Gun looks like.He looks skinny but I love his cloak and his mask.I would steal only those two and leave him alone like he's not worth it. There's nothing much to review at the start of the episode and the middle but near the end was pretty intense.

I like how the game works or should I say how the tournament works.The players have an item to look at the other players.The map is huge,different terrains and more.I love this game! It's also funny when Kirito unequipped his equipment which means his clothes too and just swim in the river...Just be glad that there were no cameras found you,Kirito.And it was pretty intense when that Dyne guy fight against Pale Rider.I really thought that Pale rider was the real Death Gun because he was very agile and he is pretty awesome. Kirito,I know you're using a girl avatar but don't get too carried away!

What I like in this episode.even though it's a slow episode,I like it just because I don't mind much about action and all that other stuff.At least there was some humor and that pretty much makes up for the slow pace.I love everything about GGO,I just like RPG games,I guess.forgive me if this review is more about me being overjoy and not much information.I hope you all entertained,I'm sure I was entertained and I hope you keep reading our reviews! I'll see you guys later and take care,everyone!^^/ Danial~! Where's the ice-cream that you promised me~?