Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 5) Epic!

Hey,everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just in a bad mood at the moment because people in my area are playing firecrackers at 5:30 PM! It's understandable playing firecrackers at night but in the evening?! That just one thing,last night at 1:00 AM a family in my area play firecrackers at that time...Sometimes I just hate holidays because of that and who in the world using a horn outside?! I'm sorry,I shouldn't tell you guys about that but I just want it off my chest area,I mean my chest.Now,this is just awkward... Anyway,have you guys heard about Japan shutting down some anime and manga sites? That really brings me down but I heard they can't do that because they are trying to shut something down online,in the Internet. I hope they don't because those sites are the only way I watch anime and read manga.

In my area,they don't sell anime CDs or DVDs and some of the manga are in Malay and most of them are in Chinese. Anyway,let's just get to the review and I maybe talk about this in my other blog.So,let's get to it.Shall we? In this episode,we learn a bit more of Nishio,the first character that I hate at the beginning of the anime but I kinda like him now because of how he tries and determined to save his girlfriend even though he doesn't stand a chance.It seems,Kaneki's last attack on him really make him weak.He is still hurt from his last fight with Kaneki and I think he hasn't ate any human flesh for a while,I think. Then we get to see the weird,likes to speak French and hentai,Tsukiyama.

He's more weird than Hisoka,right? I don't know but they could either be rivals or friends. I just can't wait to see Touka beat Tsukiyama. I just can't wait to be king~! The good old times...~ A-anyway,what I like in this episode.I like Nishio's past,very cool and a little sad when his sister died and he became what he is now.I like the part when Touka's friend thought Kaneki is her boyfriend and she gave her a thumbs up! Nice one,Touka's friend! Another part that I like is when Kaneki called Tsukiyama that he is a pervert.It's kinda funny when he called him that.

It's also nice to see Kaneki helped Nishio when he got beat up with other three ghouls and I'm glad to see Kaneki fight even though it was not much but at least he can fight and protect himself. And of course,I like the fight scene when they fight Tsukiyama.The last part before the episode was pretty epic and I expect a fight between Touka and Tsukiyama,Touka VS. Tsukiyama(Hentai). Well,that is it for this episode. I will make a review of Fairy Tail after this so look forward to that.I'll see you guys next time.Have a great day and take care!^^/