Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.18/193) Dragon Hunting!

Hi again,everyone~! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine and I'm...watching videos as usual...I probably play a video game after this,it's an rpg game called .hack//G.U Volume 3. Great game and the anime was good too.For the anime,I think it has two or three seasons but the ones I already watched is .hack//Sign and .hack//Roots. I haven't finished watching Sign because I was busy watching other animes and it has a slow pace in the anime.Well,to me that is because it kinda repeat the same thing over and over and I don't quite get it but I do like the idea or the anime as a whole because it's about a virtual reality game like SAO and it's an rpg open world game.

But enough about that and let's get on to today's episode from the anime Fairy Tail. In this episode,we learn a lot of things such as what Rogue is after and Sting and Rogue's past which were very surprising because I thought they were heartless jerks because of the way they said they killed their dragons who are supposed to be their parents. It's sad when they have to kill their parents like that because they want them to be stronger. So,the future Rogue is going after the title 'Dragon King' and in order to do that he wants to kill Acnologia. Then why didn't he just fly and kill him instead of destroying the city? Or maybe the dragons wanted to do that and that's why they follow him.

There's a lot of fights in this episode because of the dragons,duh. It's cool to see other guilds working together or fight together for their country.It's like a few hours ago they were very competitive and now they are nice.Like Ogra and Rufus,they work together to fight the dragon.I guess they never worked together before and they learned their lesson and respect Fairy Tail! I don't know if there people who will be like, "Jura was so strong during the tournament and he is one of the wizard saints.Why can't he defeat the dragon?!" or something like that.I'm guessing that dragons are the strongest against all wizards put together and only Dragon Slayers can defeat them like when Natsu bring down the dragon that future Rogue ride on.

What I like in this episode,the animations and stuff are great but I don't like it when Atlas Flame uses his flames against Fairy Tail and we can't see them clearly in the flames and it looks a bit darker. #AtlasFlameFTW He is still my favorite dragon because he is so cool.I also like when Natsu keeps going after future Rogue even when he was slammed against a building or fell off.And I like the scene when Doranbolt and the other guy released Cobra so that he can join the others to fight the dragons.Seven Dragon Slayers VS. Seven Dragons! I can't wait to see that on the next episode!

Well,that is it for this episode.I hope to see you guys next time! Have a great day and take care!^^/