Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 7) It's The Shogun! (Shogun Ka Yo!)

Hi,guys! How are you guys doing today? First of all,I want to apologize of this very late review.I was not feeling well again and I really can't do anything and I didn't even turn on my computer and get online but now,I'm feeling better and I just watched the anime.I get sick easily because I haven't exercise much lately and I really need to do that and just being healthy.And to those who are confused of the title, it's a reference from Gintama. Just thought it would be funny because there are two shoguns in this episode. Now,let's get to the review!

As the episode started,we can see that Tatsumi,Mine and Akame are still grieving of Sheele's death.There are some personalities or characteristics of Tatsumi that I don't like and one of them is being cocky and another one from this episode,he doesn't think before he say something.Of course Akame looks calm and all but it's kind of rude when you said that she is use to death and Sheele's death is nothing different. I wouldn't be surprised if she punch him or something but he punched himself so,it's okay.And I don't like how whenever he pumps up and hype about something Bulat will punch him and scold him and make him feel down a little.

I know his intention is good and all but it's kind of sad and annoying when that happened.Such as, when he gets hyped about a mission and Mine pipes him down or other members does that to him.I don't know why in this episode I like him in some scenes and in some other scenes,I don't hate him just a little annoyed but overall I still like the anime and he adds a good mix,I guess? It's sad when a girl protects his father which is a politician and wants to fight the minister and end up got killed by Esdeath's subordinates. I really don't like women going to the battlefield because they should just stay at home,raise kids or something and be happy in life. I know it's their choice but I really don't like the idea.

Also,Tatsumi's reaction towards the huge ship was priceless! His reaction was the same as mine because it was huge! It's like one of those what do you call them when you're on a vacation and you get on a ship to spend your vacation...A cruise! I apologize because my brain is working so slow today... It's like a huge cruise ship is what I'm trying to say and it's very cool.I like the design of the ship and I think it has traditional Japanese style design in the ship? Still awesome and Tatsumi looks very good in that suit! I really like anime characters in suits or tuxedos because they look so cool and badass! And I think that old guy one of Esdeath's subordinates is Bulat's General when he use to serve the Capital? If that's the case,I expect a battle from them in the next episode. And it was very epic when Bulat fought all three of them at the same time and managed to kill one of them.

Oh,yeah.I forgot to talk about Leone's reaction when their boss ask her to watch Esdeath.She was being so naive and thought she could take her on by herself and when she really did watch her,she gets really scared and realized how naive she was. Another I like in animes or rather in movies,stories and etc. is when a character quickly realizes his or her mistakes like Leone when she realized her mistake and she realize she can't fight her and she followed her instincts. I guess Esdeath is really bad news despite how she can release her murderous and evil aura like that and on purpose so that Leone would attack her. She is one powerful enemy and I'm looking forward of her fighting Night Raid in future episodes.

What I like in this episode.Again,I like the story and pretty much the same with the art and the animations.The fight scene of Bulat and Esdeath's subordinates was pretty epic.Tatsumi's fight was pretty epic too and I like the scene when the blew towards him and he holds his sword while looking at Daidara.I also like the scene,when the King ask Esdeath what she desire and she wants love.The reactions was funny and I was surprised that she wants love.And the King suggest the Minister to her and she declines because of her concern on his health. Well,I think that is it.I'm sorry for the late review and sorry for the long review,LOL. I hope you guys are well and having a good day.Take care!^^//