Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 7) Everyone's Fired Up!

Good morning,afternoon,evening and night,everyone~! We already passed 1000 pageviews and we're now 1008. That's awesome and I still don't know what to do when or after we reached that.I check if there is any problems with the settings about comments and it seems you guys can only comment if you guys have a Google account but I'm sure most of you guys have Google accounts so,don't be shy and comment...I'm lonely...Anyway,about the Akame Ga Kill review,I will make it and post it but maybe not share it.Maybe I share it at my community but I don't know.I wanted to watch it but I was not on a mood for it and I watch something else.I haven't continued watching other animes such as One Piece but I continued watching Oreimo 2 but I stopped because my history was cleared on accident...So,I forgot what episode I watched...

Anyway,let's get on with the review! In this episode,Hinami continued running and looking for help from other ghouls that she know and she bumped into Kaneki. From the last episode review,I know I said I want to watch him fight the Doves but I also thought that would not be possible as well.I mean,look at those guys. And to think they used the kagune from Hinami's father. And the most sad part was when her mother got killed by them and she know she can't fight them and just accept it. That's a good mom there. but I don't like Touka's action by killing a guy who is not involved at all. She should try and kill Amon or Moda even though Moda is not there. Just don't kill someone who was not involved with Hinami's mother murder.

That Moda guy really makes me angry when he says bad stuff to Hinami's mother that her act as a mother was just copied from humans or something like that.I really hope he dies either in the anime or in the manga. I don't know what Amon will do if that Kusaba guy didn't get killed.I mean,because of his death he changed and became more motivated on wiping out the ghouls. Would his perspective change if that Kusaba guy is still alive and after Hinami's mother,Mrs Fueguchi's death. I'm really tired of keep typing 'Hinami's mother' a lot,haha.

But then again,I can't say he will change sides or anything because like he said, he has comrades who were killed by ghouls. And I think on the next episode Kaneki and Touka are going to fight that Mado guy at an Elementary School. I really thought I got to see Kaneki fight using his mask but instead he shows us his mask like, "This is my mask,do I look cool like The Legend of Zorro" or something. The mask looks kind cool but it is still weird for me. Especially with the zip at the mouth and the teeth...You can zip my mouth but I can still talk...and I can still keep a smile on my face! Haha,the jokes on you haters! ....What am I even doing?

What do I like in this episode, I love the story,Mrs Fueguchi's death was very sad and the fight scene between that mysterious character with a rabbit mask and Moda and Amon. The mask looks cool...The ending was cool because it's like a cliffhanger!The animations was okay,I enjoyed myself watching it.And I can't wait for the next episode! Well,that is it for this review! I hope you guys also like the episode and this review.Leave a comment,just say anything like "I love ponies~! <3" or something. I'll see you guys next time so don't lock the doors and windows.Just kidding,lock the doors and windows at all times! If a friend or family member came,ask for identification! Take care and have a great day!^^/