Monday, August 4, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 5) Pervy Imperial Arm...?

Hey again,guys! What are you guys up to? I change the question because I keep asking you guys that almost all of my posts in my blogs.I don't know if you guys are bored of that but either you bored or not,let me know. As I already ask you guys what are you guys doing,I'm actually doing nothing but typing as I typing as I typing typing,what? Haha,sorry. I was watching a video on YouTube and can you guys help me about something.When I'm blogging,I can't watch anything else but I can hear the audio from another tab. Is there anyway to watch the video in the same tab as I'm blogging? Or do I have to get another monitor because of this? Because that is absurd! That is the first time I used that word and I like it! I mean,technologies have been advanced a lot and can they do that? If they can,can you guys help me? Please?

Anyway,let's just go on with the review because that is why you guys are here and I don't want to waste your time.Here we go~! So,in this episode Tatsumi is being trained by a natural yet airhead assassin named, Sheele. Also known as, Sa-chan's twin,Sa-chan's sister from another mother or Sa-chan's daughter.I should really stop confusing you guys,I'm sorry XD. I feel bad calling her an airhead because it's kinda a bad word and I don't really like it. She's just a clumsy and cute girl who wears a Chinese traditional dress,right? Just like the other members,we get to learn about her past.

She also had a bad past but it's not really bad compared to others but it really is sad when you rescued your friend and he/she becomes afraid of you or stay away from you.That's really messed up and I hate it when that happens.But what surprises which is not really,sorry. Is when her friend's dead boyfriend's friends...that is so confusing but you get what I mean because you watched the episode already. Killed her parents before they want to kill her and they told her about it. Was she angered when they killed her parents? She look happy to me but I guess that besides the point.

What I like in this episode,the story is good so far.The animation is good and the fight scenes are good too.The bad character that we saw in the opening with Akame,the girl in white who is also a sick sadist ice queen?That's a full description of someone...I don't quite like Tatsumi's character where he sometimes become too cocky but he's cool sometimes so that's okay to me.I also like the scene when Tatsumi tried using Zank The Ogre's Imperial Arm on Akame,Mine and Sheele.It was funny and he really reminds me of Issei Hyoudo. And I'm looking forward to the next episode because I want to know the other members' pasts.The minister looks like Santa Claus in his Titan form just look how he eat that meat! Got a lot of soul into that bite! Hahaha,well that is it for this review.

I'll see you guys some other time and have a good day,everybody~!!^^/