Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.20/195) Uncle Atlas Flame And The Assassin,Ultear!

Hwy,what's up everyone? No,I didn't ask you guys to chat with me on WhatsApp but that would be good since I don't have a lot of friends on WhatsApp...Anyway,how are you guys doing? Are you guys having a good day? I'm fine and my day was good as usual.I woke up very late today because I can't sleep last night and I played a video game that I just beat a week ago. I slept at 9 Am I think and woke up at 5 PM. Anyway,enough about me woke up late and let's get on with the review!

In this episode,they are still fighting the dragons and this time we can hear the other dragons talk.The dragon that Gajeel is fighting with sounds like Oga from Beelzebub,is it true? I don't know if I'm wrong but either way that dragon looks cool.That dragon and Atlas Flames are my favorites right now. I just remembered,we didn't get to see what happened when Millianna saw Jellal helping Erza.They don't have even one screen time in this episode XD. Then we get to see the Raijinshuu fighting Atlas Flame and all of their attacks isn't working on him because he is just too strong and awesome. Then Natsu dropped on him like he is some kind of big scrap of metal when he hit Atlas,the sound effects are really funny sometimes.

When this whole battle started,I thought in my head "Would Natsu fight this fire dragon when he met him? Or maybe even eat him since he is made of flames?" And my thought become a reality when he keeps devouring Atlas's flames.The reaction from Laxus and the others was priceless! Every reaction when Natsu doing something so crazy are priceless! I also remembered when I see Natsu talking to Atlas about Igneel,I saw a manga version of it form somewhere a year ago,I think.I thought Natsu and the others went to another dimension or Dragonland or something.I'm not giving out spoilers or anything.Heck,I don't even know if what I just told you guys are spoilers in the first place! If I'm talking instead of typing,I would be out of breath! XD

And Ultear at the ending,crouching in the shadows like a trained assassin or a ninja. Is she really going to kill Rogue? I doubt it but I think she will do something,I mean did you guys notice her at the opening? Like she's shooting fireworks in the sky to celebrate for a great victory or something. And I wonder what's written on Future Lucy's journal? Question that needs to be answered ASAP... Now,what I like in this episode. The funny scenes such as Natsu eating Atlas's 'Flames'... See what I did there? His name is Atlas Flames and Natsu is eating his flames~! ....okay...Another funny scene when Virgo talks to Lucy and she ignores her while reading the journal and the last one was when Natsu called Atlas 'Uncle'.

It was a funny and kind off an 'aww' moment,I guess? Because you become someones Uncle? I also like the fight scene between Rogue and Motherglare against Natsu and Atlas Flame. I enjoy this episode very much because I get to see others fighting the dragons and Motherglare's offspring. And I like the scene when Gray helped Rufus and  when Jura helped Ogra.It's cool to see them working together and at good terms with each other. #PowerOfNakama. I think that is it for this episode,I can't wait for the next episode,will Ultear kill Rogue? What's on the Journal? Will there be another NaLu scene? Haha,I'll see you guys next time and have a great day!^^/

Pic by: ng9 from Deviantart