Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.19/194) NaLu And Fan Service!

Hello and how are you,everyone?! I feel like I'm going to get sick but let's hope I don't get sick because that would suck a lot.I think I'll make the SAO review after this and if not,I'll make it tomorrow with Akame Ga Kill! review.I would like to apologize before hand because I'm a little frustrated right now and I might not think straight.So,beware of a messy post,haha. I'm frustrated because my little brother is being stubborn and great,now I got a headache.anyway,let's get on with the review and enjoy ourselves.Shall we?

In this episode,we get to see more fights between the wizards and the dragons.And now the Fairy Tail members have to fight the offspring from the dragon that Rogue is on,Motherglare. So,she's the kind of mother that glares a lot? Motherglare? Also,I know Erza is tough and that she doesn't want to show her weakness in front of other guild members but she shouldn't push herself and she should know her limits.And when she finally she reached her limits,she just gave up? Come on,Erza. And I'm guessing in the next episode,Millianna will fight Jellal? Imagine if Kagura saw Jellal...they would fight someone rather than fight the dragons that are destroying the town or country,I'm guessing that would happen.

It's cool to see the dragon slayers step in and their guild members back them up.I just can't wait to see the fights because the dragons are tough and can be defeated by them,the dragon slayers and I was hoping to get to see those fights in this episode.So,I'm a little disappointed but at least they make some progress...kinda...I saw the part when Lucy and Natsu flew in the bell before.It was from a NaLu group and they copy or download the manga page.I notice a little difference.In the manga,Natsu helps Lucy covering up her cleavage by using his hands but in the anime,Lucy already covered herself and knock Natsu out.

Fan service is not really a good thing but sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not.Because of fan service,people who don't watch anime would make an assumption that anime is not suitable for teens and children.It's true it's not suitable for children but they didn't actually show the whole body.That's the only reason why other people think anime is bad. Now,what I like in the episode. I like the part with Zirconis using his magic on the army and the Minister.It was very funny and it was funny when Arcadios got smacked on the face by the princess because he looks at naked Lucy. And I like when Cobra makes his appearance and yells at Blue Pegasus.It was cool and funny when he yell at the girl.She's kinda not doing anything than showing her body at the dragon and Cobra. More useless than Sakura.

Nothing much really happen but the episode gave me a good laugh so,I like it and I wish to see some fights on the next episode and less fan service. Well,that is it for this review.Thanks again for stopping by and read my post,I really appreciate it! I'll see you guys next time! Have a good day and take care^^/ I hope I didn't misspelled anything...