Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 6) Don't Die!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? It's Sunday,a day to relax,a day with no worries,a day of Hakuna Matata~ I'm fine as usual and my day kinda just started.It's already 12 afternoon and I couldn't sleep,sorry Emily...So,I played video games and watch some Beelzebub on my phone.By the way,sorry for the late review.I was about to do this last night but my cat was sleeping on my chair and I don't want to disturb him especially when he is sick at the moment. Besides,if I do it last night I would not be able to think straight and by last night I meant like 3 or 4 in the morning...Anyway,let's just get on with the review.I'll make the Fairy Tail review sooner or later because I'll be going out with my mom and my little brother.

So,in this episode we continue to watch Touka with that psycho Tsukiyama. Touka's kagune looks pretty awesome and looks like wings. The fight scene was great but it would be pretty awesome if it was a little longer but that's my opinion.Either way,the intro was great.A lot of action right from the start and that I like a lot! I saw some comments about people complaining about the censorship in the episode or the anime in general.I'm guessing in the manga there aren't a lot of censorship,not censorship.What I mean is in the manga you could see all the blood and arm got cut off and etc. And is Tsukiyama dead? I'm not sure if he is because usually characters like him will appear again and become more psycho than before! That is so psycho! Saiko? Psycho? Okay...

Then they let Nishio work at the Anteiku with Kaneki and other ghouls so that he won't have to bear the guilt of eating humans and instead eating corpses.It's a corpse party! I'm glad to see Nishio and Kaneki in good terms I really like when a bad characters becomes good with the main character after a while.Aside from the happy and warm scenes,we get to see some scenes that gave us the feels and by the way,Jason has a big nose...I'm just sayin'...And they actually call him Jason! Well,they call him that in the previous episodes but I forgot to put it in the review.Did I put it in or not? (Pause) I just feel bad for Hinami because it looks like her father died because of those jerks the Doves.

Why would they call themselves 'Doves'? Do they like to dove a lot and being total jerks? I can't blame Hinami's father but because of him getting involved with Jason and the Wards (Which I'm very confused about...) and because of that he puts himself and his family in danger.And now those poopy Doves are after his wife and Hinami,please don't die,please don't die. I just hope Kaneki found Hinami and maybe save her mother from the Doves.Her mother's kagune is massive! Maybe it is more to defense than offense but I just hope she isn't dead or next episode we get to see her fight the Doves and get killed.

What I like in this episode,the feels first of all. The fight scene was okay even though it was short but I I like it.I'm glad this anime isn't all about gore or killing and fighting ghouls and Doves.I like it that it gave us,the viewers the feel of hope on a character so that she doesn't die and this is just episode 6.I'm expecting a lot more in the future episodes and because of that,I can't wait to watch all of them and read the manga afterwards. I guess that is it for today.Thanks for stopping by and read this review.I'll see you guys next time and have an awesome day everyone! Take care!^^/ I hope Jason doesn't get a chainsaw in the future episodes because that would be cray cray...