Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill (Episode 6) Sheele's Death And Seryu Ogre Jr.

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and still haven't showered! It's not something that you guys need to know but it's for entertainment even though you guys aren't laughing at least it made you think, "He hasn't take a shower? What a stinker" or something like that. Anyway,before I started spouting more nonsense let's just star and get on with the review.My secretary is crying because she just finished watching the episode and I'm sure you guys know why or what she's crying about. Oh,before I forgot.I'm sorry for the late review,like I said I was sick and I was not in the mood on watching Akame Ga Kill. Now,to the review~!

At the start of the episode,Tatsumi and Leone were doing a mission at the red light district.And it was kind of an ecchi moment with those girls on drugs? And when that guy's hand was in her kimono... A-Anyway,this is the first time we saw Leone transforming,right? We saw her other form before but we haven't saw how she transform and what does it look like.So,I think it's cool to see that and the best part was when they fight the bad guys and Leone is just too strong! Look at those punches! I really like her character because of how easy going she is and how strong she is.

Then Mine and Sheele were running away after completing a mission,I think.And this girl,who helped Tatsumi before and have a dog Imperial Arm which what Mine called an Organism Type,I think. Her character really changed in this episode compared to her nice and innocent and cute character from before.She's dangerous and kinda badass like her mentor,Ogre. She's acting like a little devil psycho when she ran into them and get to fight them.

The fight was very awesome and intense and I was like, "This is just episode 6 and it already this intense?!". And to get both arms cut off like that? Sheele isn't playing around at all! And that dog reminded me of something and I can't remember what it is... Maybe one of the Homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood? The dog was cool and when he turned to a berserker,his fur turns red and he becomes huge and looks like a hell hound. I think Seryu will appear again but with mechanical arms,I think.And she won't be the same cute and innocent character anymore and be more psycho and sadist kind of character.

And man,the impact when Sheele's body ripped off like that.When that happened,I was like, "No,no. Don't tell me she's going to die on this episode...This is only the sixth episode! No!" And when Sheele uses her technique that shine her scissors brightly,it was like hope for me.Hope that she'll live and they can get her fixed and cure her.And then,my hope shattered and she's really dead.Eaten by that derpy dog and that psycho owner. What I like in this episode,again the story is on point and I love it.The impact of Sheele's death was strong and nobody didn't see that coming except for those who already read the manga. I love the fight scene because it was so intense and everyone was all out on this fight.

Everyone is struggling to survive and defeat the enemy. I thought Mine was going to get captured for a second there but thanks to Sheele,she escaped. I'm guessing that when Seryu really appear again,Mine is going to take care of her and her hell hound.Just look at the revengeful expression. And the scene when the rest of Night Raid,shocked and grieve on Sheele's death. And I definitely can't wait for the next episode and I don't think there's going to be any fights? Because of what happened and I think the next episode they are going to cool down and just be by themselves or they do missions as usual or making a plan on attacking the Central.

And thus,that is it for this review.Thanks for stopping by and reading my content.I'll see you next time and have a great day,everyone~!!^^/ "Daddy,I've become a psycho and Ogre Jr.~! And I still look kawaii~" -Seryu Ubisomething 2014