Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 7) Girlfriend And Little Sister Comfort Time!

Hello,everybody~!! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? Come on,tell me.Tell me about your life! I'm just kidding,sorry... Hows your day so far by the way? Mine is great except some stupid guys outside my house making noises like monkeys gone wild. It's like they never seen bikes before,I mean come on. Anyway,there is a game review coming up soon and warning,it's very long and you don't have to read it just searched the name of the game which will be in the title of the post.Not in this post the other post that I post in Random Blogs.I'll post that maybe tomorrow.What? You want my secretary to make this episode's review? O-okay...Secre...~! I'll just go and watch One Piece or something...

Hello,ladies and gentlemen.How are you doing this evening? I am fine,thank you but now,let's get on with the review,shall we? In this episode,it started slow and calm just like one of those slow episodes.And the episode starts with Kirito and his sister eating lunch and they're eating fried rice! That's delicious~! I love fried rice,some times I make Danial cook fried rice for me~! Like one time,when I helped with something and he make fried rice as a reward then he ask me go and exercise because I need to be in good shape...

Back to the review,nothing much really happen.Just some comfort to Kirito by his sister and girlfriend,Asuna who is now trapped and become a fairy trapped in a phone.Yes,Kirito is the villain this season,plot twist! My apologies,I was only kidding.Did you laughed? We all know the villain is Death Gun,I mean if there is a character that wears a creepy cloak and mask,that's a villain! 100% villain! We also see Miss Asada and her friend,love love scene~ Her friend was obviously being too fast,I mean slow down,man.I'm glad she's your friend because if she isn't,she would have called the cops.I know I would if Danial did that to me and I would have use my martial arts skills.

Now for what I like in this episode,we get to see women comforting Kirito.He learned what he doesn't understand and he gets on with it and get online on Gun Gale Online for the BOB tournament.Again,for the Bobs out there,how are you gentlemen doing? This episode is okay,it's funny to see Miss Asada being angry about Kirito because that's not how she usually behaves in the real world.And she looks kinda cute. Like I said,there's nothing much happen but I like this kinds of episodes because it let's you calm down a bit before something epic starts such as the battle between Kirito and Sinon and the battles in the tournament of course.

Well,that is it for today. I hope everyone here enjoyed themselves.I know I did and I'm sure Danial would enjoyed it as well.Danial,say goodbye! We're done! Alright,thanks for stopping by and reading my content.I'll see you guys next time and have a great day and let's prepare for tomorrow!^^/ There,I'm going to watch One Piece...You're actually looking at the female characters instead of the actual anime,right? Right?!