Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 8) Incursio's Successor And Kurome

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and doing great! I'm sorry for the little late review but hey,at least I post it today,right? Seriously,I apologize but if I want to watch an anime I have to be in a mood for it.That's who I am and, even though I post reviews so late,I'm glad you guys still read the reviews and still be with me and that I thank you! I seen other reviews on my Google + notifications and I was wondering what happened in the episode but I know it must be something big. And it actually is! Both me and Secre were surprise when we watched this episode.So,what were you guys' reactions? Did you feel the chill run down your spine or shocked or cried? Well,let's talk about that and start the review!

So,in this episode the fight between Bulat and his former superior, General Liver or just Liver now,I don't know maybe he likes liver and he even eats liver for breakfast.Maybe it's healthy? I don't know but his name is Liver. By the way,Esdeath is a real sadist,huh? I know what she did with that guy from the north but dang girl! We get back to her later and now back to Liver~! It was a pretty intense fight between him and Bulat.I guess,that is what to be expected from them since they used to fight side by side for a while. I think this is the only episode that we get to see Bulat fight longer than in the previous episodes.

And it was pretty intense when both of their Imperial Arms reached their limit and they decided to end it with a sword fight. I knew Liver would use blood because of his Imperial Arm and control them but I thought he would make Bulat's blood just coming out from his body and rip him to shreds or at least make him get down on his knees. But using his own blood which has poison in them and strike Bulat was pretty smart but to insert that poison in your own body like that is crazy! That is why drugs are dangerous,kids! I was hoping that other guy with flute was not one of those characters that we get confused of their genders.For example, Crona from Soul Eater and Hideyoshi from Baka and Test.And thank goodness that didn't happened!

After Liver died after giving his last words like a zombie and when that flute guy said his technique which was "Demon Summoning" or something, I thought he's going to summon a monster or something but with that blond hair and with that muscular body,you almost look like Alex Louise Armstrong~! Just a little because your face didn't change and you look like a kid wearing a costume.At least he get to change back to his original form,I'm sure he have no regrets compare to that Daidara guy who got cut in half by Bulat.I'm sure he is regret for not getting enough experience and level up.

And now,what I like in this episode.I like the fight scenes in this episode and it was full of them in this episode,I know.But It's sad that Bulat died,he would be the last person I thought would die after Sheele.And it was awesome when he let Tatsumi using his Imperial Arm,Incursio.That Imperial Arm is by far the most epic Imperial Arm in this anime.Made from flesh of a strong dragon? Heck yeah! Tatsumi looks like a mini version of Bulat for some reason but at the same time he looks a little bit bigger from his normal size? Overall,I love the episode and the ending was sad but also left us a question...Is that girl,Kurome, wearing a school uniform?! OMG!! I'll see you guys later and have a great day! Take care!^^

 P.S.: The real question was,is she Akame's little sister? Danial always like to mess around...What am I going to do with him? See you later,everybody! And Danial apologizes because he thought he could post this today,Monday but it's already Tuesday! We apologize! And farewell Bulat and Sheele... P.S.S: I forgot to talk about Esdeath...I'm sorry and I will talk what I wanted to talk about her in the next review of Akame Ga Kill!