Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 8) Mado's Death And Hinami's Epic Kagune

Hey,everyone~!! How are you guys doing? I'm sorry again for the late review you guys can blame it all on my Internet.It was so slow when I tried to watch this episode yesterday that I can only watch until six minutes of the episode.I keep trying at least three times but still the same and then I gave up and decided to watch it today.I thought I could make a review of this episode,Fairy Tail and SAO but it looks like I will make a review of those two later today.So,let's just jump into the review and get on with it,shall we?

So,we finally get to see Kaneki and Touka fight Mado and Amon if that's really are their names,I hope I spelled it correctly...let me look it up...I think I spelled their names correctly so,yay! There's a lot happening in this episode and all kinds of emotions happen when I watch the fight scene.I was really hating Mado because he is being a jerk for luring Hinami there and maybe showing her parts of her mother and showing both her mother and father's kagune.He's the most hated character in Tokyo Ghoul for me and I'm sure some other people think so too.

It was awesome seeing Touka raging like that and wanted to just kill that guy.She surprisingly sound like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist to me for some reason when she keep screaming at him and calling him a bastard and an old geezer. Mado was pretty much a psycho like Tsukiyama and I hope I spelled his name right.And again Tokyo Ghoul is really much Attack On Titan because of how humans hate the titans but this time the other species or races hated the humans.It's like a huge conflict between the two worlds in this anime but in Attack On Titan,we only see only a part of hatred and that is only from the humans.We don't actually see any hatred from the Titans towards the humans,you know what I mean? I hope so because my explanation skills suck^^"

About Kaneki's mask,I know I hate it and I said it from the previous reviews but because of this episode,I really like it.It looks cool. I haven't watch and hear the opening since episode one and then I tried to listen it and watch it,it's awesome! I like the scene when Kaneki fell and his Ghoul self,I think, jumps and hits his back against him.I like little things like that and I it's cool to me.When Kaneki tried to control himself after he ate a piece of Amon...a piece of Amon...that actually sounds delicious. And when he stabs Mr.Yomo and he is badass.I like him because he is such a cool character.

Now,what I like in this episode.I like how this episode make me feel different emotions such as anger to sadness and then to happiness.Anger,was when Mado kept talking bad about Hinami's parents and that they shouldn't exist and how he talks to her.Sadness was when I look Hinami's expression when she saw her mother's kagune.I was surprised when she used her kagune which has inherit both her parents kagunes and because of those two kagunes,she looks like a butterfly so cheer up,Hinami.I like how they didn't make touka too OP or too strong for Mado and make it that she's on even or equal level with him.

I like how Kaneki's thinking on how to connect both humans and ghouls and how he tries to think to communicate with Amon,to make him realize that ghouls aren't all to blame.Humans are to blame as well because they just attack because how different ghouls are and how they afraid of them.His and Amon fight was great even though it was short and nothing much really happen but I like it. The pose of Kaneki when he just receiving blows from Amon reminded me of Doctor Hiruluk,Chopper's father from One Piece.Happiness was when Kaneki said that Mrs. Ryoko told Hinami to live,that was cool and heartwarming.

Anyway,I think that is it for now.Thanks for stopping by and reading my reviews! I'll see you guys next time and have a great day!^^/ By the way,what do you guys think of the image I edited?^^/