Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anime Review - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Hi,readers^^Today's review is one of the most epic anime I've ever watched and that is "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".It is a mecha anime where "Beastmen" I think that's what they call,forcing humans to live underground and never let them go back to the surface.The anime starts with a boy named Simon,known in his village "Simon The Digger" because he always digs underground with some villagers but he's more dedicated because he likes to dig using his drill.

Simon's parents died when the ground shakes because the Beastmen using the gunmen(The mechas),Simon only has his brother,Kamina.They both are close and Kamina always tried to go to the surface because his father went to the surface and never came back.Later then,one of the Gunman fall into Simon's village with a girl named Yoko fighting it.Simon found a small mecha and inserts a small drill key into it that he found when he was digging to activate it.He controls the mecha and fight the Gunman.Kamina named the small mecha Lagann,they adventure continues as they're fighting Gunmens and Kamina gets his own Gunman from the enemy and named it Gurren.

They also found out that Gurren and Lagann can combine and fought countless enemies.The combined mecha is Gurren Lagann.I don't want to tell you guys any further because I don't want to reveal anymore spoilers to those haven't watch it yet.Just watch it,watch their adventures as they struggle to fight the Beastmen and take back the surface where they're belong.Witness the epic battles,countless hardships and watch as they keep moving to the future.

Well,I guess that's it guys.Be sure to watch it,tell me what you guy's think about the anime and as always guys,I'll see you later.Bye!^^//