Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anime Review - Another

Hi,guys.Today's review is a horror anime "Another",be warn in this anime there's a lot of blood,a little violence so if you don't like violence and blood anime then don't watch it.In this anime,is about a certain third year classroom and what happens there is a phenomenon that all the students including the homeroom teacher will be killed unless they found a person from the classroom who was back from the dead.

The person who was back from the dead doesn't remember that he/she is already dead and so does the classmates.The phenomenon doesn't stop and does not disappear and I guess it will effect the person from the classroom and the people around them like families and friends they will meet the same fate by a horrible death.

The phenomenon will certainly bring chaos to the classmates of that class,in the anime before the ending all the classmates and the people around them start to kill each other,burn the place down and being crazy.The anime has two main characters I think,it's Misaki and Kouichi.

Find out more about this anime by watching it and another warning,it has a lot of death scenes,blood and violence so watch it with your own risk especially to the young readers if you want to watch it,wait until you're older.And I'm sorry guys if this is short besides the anime is short too,it has 12 episodes in it but still I want to apologize for posting a short anime review.

I'll see you later guys and have a nice day,Danial out ^^//