Friday, August 2, 2013

Anime Review - Gintama

Hi,readers!^^ Today's review is "Gintama",Gintama is a Shounen Jump anime.This anime is full of comedy,parodies,epic fights and some sad moments.The main character in this anime is Sakata Gintoki,he also known as The White Demon,he is the leader of Yorozuya/Odd jobs.With only to workers,Kagura and Shinpachi and their hugs dog,Sadaharu.

In the anime they live in the land of samurai but was taken over by aliens/Amanto.There also a police force that take action in their own way,the police force is Shinsengumi.The characters that mostly appear in the anime is Hijikata(Same voice actor of Zoro in One Piece),Sougo,Kondo and Yamazaki.The Shinsengumi always try to capture a wanted person named,Katsura,Gintoki's friend.Katsura and Gintoki  with their other friends,Takasugi and Sakamoto,have fought side by side to fight the Amanto when they came to take over.However,Takasugi changed and became evil,all he thinks is destroy and kill.He wants to kill higher ups Amanto,those who are higher than the Shogun.

There a lot of other characters will show up after a new arc ends,there are about six arcs I guess and all of them are epic,funny and also very touching.

This anime maybe still ongoing,it has two movies.The second one came out in July,I think the title is "Gintama the movie:Yorozuya Forever" .I guess that's all,I'm sorry if it so short or you don't understand of the explanation^^" If you do please let me know so that I'll try my best to correct it and as always,bye guys!^^//