Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anime Review - Death Note

Hi,guys and welcome to another anime review;"Death Note" and today I might make another two reviews because I haven't been posting for a long time and I'm so sorry^^" .Okay,Death Note is just like what the name means,its a notebook of death.You just simply right the person's name and remember the person's face.If you don't right the cause of death the person you wrote on the notebook will die of a heart attack.

Another feature of the notebook is that you can see the owner of the notebook which is a Shinigami/Death God and if you trade some of your lifespan with the shinigami,you'll get some of the shinigami's abilities.In the anime is about a high school boy named Light Yagami,he saw a Death Note fall from the sky into the school grounds.He picked it up and read the rules inside the Death Note.At first he thought it was just a prank and didn't believe it but he decided to try the Death Note by writing criminal's name.

When he killed the criminal,he was so shocked then he feels very happy and kills more criminals.Later,everyone feel very happy and safe because the criminals activities have decreased and they called Light,Kira.Then the E.C.P.O,some kind of police force,could not let this go any further so they decided to ask for help from the world's smartest and youngest detective and no,it's not Shinichi Kudo.It's L.L solved a lot of cases around the world,just watch the anime to see how cool he is.

Light started to work with L to capture Kira although L suspects that Light is Kira but Light is smart,he does a lot of stuff to prevent anyone know he is Kira but he finds out there's someone else knows that he is Kira and that someone has a Death Note.If you want to find out who is it,go watch the anime.Warning that there are a lot of death scenes so those who aren't interested or very young,please don't watch the anime^^

Well,that's it.I'll make another review soon so stay tuned and I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//