Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anime Review - Soul Eater

Hi,guys today's another review is "Soul Eater".The anime has 52 episodes and the manga is still ongoing,it's new chapter comes out every month so if you guys have already watched the anime,go read the manga because it is getting more epic and full of awesomeness!^^

So,the anime Soul Eater is about a an academy of  Weapons and Meisters.The academy is Shibusen/DWMA,Death Weapon Meister Academy.The weapon and the meister are partners and have to collect Kishin Eggs.A Kishin Egg is a soul that has gone evil and will turn into a Kishin which is bad since the Kishin controls madness and will spread it around the world.A meister's job is to make his or her weapon eat 99 kishin eggs and a witch's soul to become a death scythe.A death scythe is the Shinigami/Lord Death's weapon because his soul wavelength can sync with any weapons but only to those who turned into a death scythe.

The main characters in this anime are Maka Albarn,Soul Eater,Black Star,Tsubaki,Death The Kid,Liz and Patty.Soul is Maka's weapon,Tsubaki is Black Star's weapon and Liz and Patty are Kid's weapons.Soul is a scythe,Tsubaki is a dark magic tool and Liz and Patty are twin pistols.Watch their adventures as a team,to defeat the Kishin and save the world from madness.

Well,that's it for the anime Soul Eater review.I'm sorry if it is too short but that's all I could think of and to avoid spoilers.So,wait for the next review and see you later guys!^^//