Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anime Reiview - Hunter x Hunter (1999)

Hi,readers^^Today's review is the old version of the anime "Hunter x Hunter" .In this anime is about a boy named Gon,being a hunter and searching his father who is currently adventuring somewhere and also a hunter.There different types of hunters,there are hunters goes around the world looking for treasure,hunters being paid to be someone's bodyguard and hunters that collecting herbs and making really delicious food.

In the anime,Gon starts his adventure when he turns 12 which is one of the terms to become a hunter,have to be 12 years old and above.He got new friends in his adventures,Leorio,Kurapika and Killua.Gone and his friends passed every test of becoming a hunter.Gon is a nice kid,making people around him like him and support him.

Later,after he passed all the exams,he,Leorio and Kurapica goes to Killua's home because Killua failed the final test because he killed one of the contestant and he was disqualified.Killua did that because of his older brother was manipulating him during his match with him.Despite of that,Gon,Leorio and Kurapika still believes in Killua and wants to meet him,to see if he's okay.Killua's family are famous assassins so getting into his house was pretty hard for them,they trained to become stronger and finally get to meet him.

After they leave Killua's home with him,they split up.Leorio wants to study hard for his medical school entrance exam while Kurapica goes training and finding out about the group that annihilate his clan while Gon and Killua are together and looking for some money by entering a tournament.

When they fought a lot of battles in the tournament,they realize that some contestants are strong by using some kind of power which is "Nen".Nen is a persons aura and use it for offence and defence,they learn it from a Nen master named Wing and his other student Zushi.Gon and Killua get more stronger and mastered the basics of Nen and knowing their own Nen nature.

As Gon and Killua finished training with Master Wing and Zushi,they go to Gon's home on Whale Island.At Gon's house they discovered more secrets about his father and in order to find him and get more clues,they have to go to a city and buy a game console and play a game called "Greed Island" .A game created by Gon's father and his friends.

Will Gon meet his father?Will he and Killua be okay in the game?Go watch the anime to find out^^ Oh,and the difference between the old Hunter X Hunter with the new one "Hunter X Hunter 2011" is that the art and graphics of the new one are better and more episodes than the old one but the story is the same.

Well,that's it for now guys and I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//