Friday, August 2, 2013

Anime Review - Bleach

Hi,readers^^ .Tonight I'm doing another anime review and it is "Bleach"! Bleach is one of the famous Shounen Jump anime,the anime ended maybe because it's almost where the manga is which need to prevent from happening.In this review,I want to apologize if my explanation doesn't make any sense or something and if I'm wrong in some point of the anime,please tell me in the comments^^ .

The anime is about a high school boy named,Kurosaki Ichigo.He is 15 years old,after timeskip he is 17 years old.Ichigo can see spirits since he was a little kid and he has been been helping them,visiting them and giving them souvenirs.One night,a female soul reaper/Shinigami named,Rukia,appeared in his room.She was surprised that he can see her and later on she begins to explain to him about hollows and spirits then a hollow attacked his house and take his youngest sister,Yuzu.

After that,Rukia and Ichigo try to save her but they both failed and Rukia was badly injured.She then turn him into a soul reaper by piercing him through his chest and so he turn into a soul reaper and defeat the hollow.Originally,Ichigo is a soul reaper and Rukia's power just awaken his power.Later in the story,Ichigo's friends can see hollows too,at first they don't but after their power slowly awakens,they can see hollows and fight them.

I was feeling depressed when they stop making the anime because this is the first anime I watched.I watched animes when I was a kid but at that I thought they were just cartoons so I think they don't count as my first anime I watched and I decided that Bleach is the first anime I watch.To those who haven't watched the anime yet,I recommend you watch it and those who stop watching it because it has too many fillers,try watching it again.

Well,that's all for this review.I'll see you guys later,bye!^^//