Friday, February 6, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 5) Kaneki On a Rampage!!

Hey,what's up, everyone~? How are you guy doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual just a little tired and I'm blogging and messaging my girlfriend at the moment. I might continue this review because it's very late now and I feel a little sleepy^^" By the way,I have an advice that I think you all should know,never eat while laughing at the same'll get a stomach ache after a few minutes.You're welcome.. Haha,anyway. This episode was very chaotic and a bit mixed emotions because one,Inspector Hinazawa (The guy wearing the Arata armor that got killed by Ken.And I just found out that his name is actually Shinohara -_-) and Ayato's past.So,without further a do,let's get this party started,shall we? Well,it's not a party if I'm alone...I'm just kidding,I have you guys,right?!

At the start of the episode we get to see the one eyed ghoul twins,Kurona and Nashiro, fighting against their ex classmate or something like that,Rei or now known as Juzo. Juzo is a very unique character,I thought he was a ghoul like the twins but it seems that the twins weren't ghouls when they were young.And tell me truthfully,how many of you guys thought when the twins and her friend met Amon after class and their friend was being all shy,how many of you guys thought that she was gonna confessed to Amon? XD Because I thought she was gonna confessed or something,lol XD

Anyway,I think I like Juzo because of he's weird but in a good way and interesting.I wanna know his past and why is he acting like this. Also,know I know that a Kakuja is a stronger version of Kagune. Does that mean Kaneki is getting stronger and stronger? And Kakujas have sacs in a ghoul's body? They have weird bodies,man... I thought this episode Kaneki was gonna fight and go crazy on that Shachi guy.And Kaneki looks cool with his Kakuja and spider legged Kagune except for his new mask which looked similar to Ayato's mask which looked like a beak.

The mysterious Owl- Well,mysterious Owl to us but not to the Doves,makes another appearance! And he does not looked like an owl at all! It looked like one of the monsters from Ultraman! And Amon looked liked a train hit him and I can't blame him! First, he meets the priest ghoul who took care of him then he meets the twin ghouls and now,his fellow senpai Inspector was being eaten by Kaneki! Now,that's what it feels to be hit by a wrecking ball...with no one on it of course.. I can't wait to see the next episode because I wanna see what is going to happen to Kaneki and Ayato. It was sad when he remembers when his father red him and her sister a bedtime story. So sad T^T

And so,I shall bring this review to a close! I hope you guys liked this review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!! ^^/