Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 5) Emperor Eye! The Showdown Starts Now!!

Hello and good evening,everyone~!! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual especially after eating some mushroom soup and pizza! I was really hungry before and damn,I was like a zombie! XD So,how's the weekend, everyone? So far mine is so far so good and I was pretty lazy today.Sunday should be an official lazy day,lol XD I know that some people needed rest on the weekends and all but try to be a little bit active. Relaxing is fine but don't be lazy like me and why do I started giving advice at the start of this review? XD

Haha,anyways. Let's get this review started and I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! In this episode,is the continuation of the match between Shutoku and Rakuzan. And it looks like we got a glimpse or a full view on Akashi's power which is awesome but too OP, you know? XD I like how in animes that are related to anything in real life,they added some abilities to the characters. Some of the abilities looked not logical at all but they try to keep it as logic as they can which I don't mind at all and I think there are some logic behind Akashi's ability. And he is not a guy to mess around with.

I also liked the flashbacks about one of the upperclassmen in the Shutoku team,Miyaji. I like flashbacks like this because it gives the team more character and more familiar. Before,the only people we know much on was Midorima and Takao. So,I'm glad that they showed some flashbacks about their other team members. The flashbacks from Takao was great and touching. I wish I was active in sports and have good memories~! T^T Another thing,I liked in this anime and I think I already say about this but I like how when they're on the edge of losing and just losing hope on winning before their teammates smack them and cheered them on. That was awesome.

It was funny to see Midorima's expression when he got yelled at by Miyaji from the flashback and got smack on the head when he was down. Midorima was always serious and he is now has some development in his character such as bonding with his teammates- And I don't mean that kind of bonding! Get your mind out of the gutter,people! >.< Anyway,I cant wait to see the next episode to see more of the match and about Midorima and Takao's trump card. That is something exciting to see!

That is all for this review! I hope you guys liked both the anime and the review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/