Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Anime Season Review : Hajime no Ippo (Ep. 1 - 76) [Contains Spoilers!Obviously...]

Hello,everyone! Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm sorry for not making the usual three reviews.I wasn't really up to it and I was still a little sick and I was and still concentrating on my health.Also,there is another reason why I didn't make those reviews.I haven't watch the new episodes yet because I was busy watching this anime that I decided to watch and that is, Hajime no Ippo! I've seen and heard about the anime before and I wasn't really fond to the anime then but now,I'm really hooked to this anime.It's pretty addicting and I don't know if that word is suitable for this,lol. But I really liked the anime,it looks a bit old school and I really like some old school animes, it is also pretty epic and touching,I should say.

I just watched the second season of this anime and that is, Hajime no Ippo:New Challenger. I want to watch it so bad but the site was having some problems and I've been cursing and swearing at that site since afternoon,lol XD That's how much I like this anime and for a sport anime,there are some sad moments such as when Ippo met Vorg before he flew back to Russia and the first ending song played when they part ways.It was very sad and I like how they put in the opening and ending songs in some scenes in the anime,quite a nice touch. And of course, I love all the fights including Ippo,Takamura,Kimura and Aoki's fights.But Ippo's fights were very intense and I always want to know what happens next after the episode ends.

It has a lot of thrills and the comedy was very funny and all but most of them are dirty jokes! XD I love how these sports animes gets you motivated and makes you like or love the sport,it's pretty amazing. So far,the best fights that I like is Ippo VS. Sendo.I bet everyone agrees with me because of how intense their fights were and how manly it was. Another thing that I like this anime is the sound of the punches.I don't know why but I love those sounds! And let's not forget the funny trio, Aoki,Kimura and Takamura-san! They always made me laugh! XD Even though some of them are dirty and they are perverts especially Takamura who is the Lord of Perverts. XD

Anyway,if you guys like sports especially boxing and don't mind dirty jokes and such XD Go check the anime out,I'm sure some of you guys like it because not everyone likes the same thing,right? And I don't mind at all^^ And thus,I shall bring this review to a close.Go check the anime out and let me know what you guys think.If not,I shall do a Dempsey Roll on you! O_O Just kidding! See you guys later and have a great day,guys!!