Friday, December 5, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 21) The Sleeping Knights - Dismissed!!

Hey,guys and good morning? It's way past midnight here so,I don't know what to say XD. Good midnight? Haha,anyway.I'm sure you guys notice some differences on this blog and my other blog.I decided to change it up a little because it has been the same for awhile and it was getting a bit boring.So,what do you guys think? I had a tough time for the background image because of the darn size of the file! "Your file is too large"... Sometimes,I just want to punch my screen and this is one of those times! But I won't punch it because I will regret it and I will be mad at myself.So,the aftermath is bad^^"

Enough of my nonsense and let's get on with the review,shall we? Okay,first of all and this is really important so,I will be very appreciate it if you guys tell me... what is the darn name of the soundtrack when they fight the boss?! T^T Is the reason I can't find the soundtrack because it hasn't been released yet? Q_Q That sound track was very dope and I want it ASAP! Ahem! Okay,moving on.Now, that I left that out off my chest, let's continue! The episode continue with Kirito fighting the other players,being a badass and cool in front of Asuna as usual. And as a price for that,he didn't get much screen time in this episode! Muahahaha!! Yeah,I'm a little hype right now for no reason...^^"

The action in this episode was pretty okay.Not too epic but it was enjoyable and I don't hate it. I think in this episode there was more closure between certain characters such as Asuna and the Sleeping Knights because they defeated a boss by themselves.I wonder how much money they got from that reward.And they just gonna leave us the 'Don't tell him/her that yet'-cliche?! What are they hiding? I think it is kinda obvious that Asuna and Yukki are sisters (Sorry if I spoiled you... ^^") but is there something more? Something about Asuna's past? Again,so many questions so much time but testing our patience while we wait for the next episode!

And if this anime is going to end soon,how will the ending turnout and if it really will end,will there be another season? I'm asking you,manga-readers-samas!^^/ Overall,I like the episode and at this point,I just wanna know about Asuna and Yuuki's past and how are they related.Well,that is it for today,I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!!^^/