Thursday, December 4, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.35/210) New Manga Spin-Off! Ca-Na-Oh!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm feeling better but my cough hasn't gone away yet and I really it goes away soon because it really hurts my stomach,XD If you're in my house or outside of my house,you can hear me coughing very loudly.I can't even talk or laugh too much or I'll start coughing again and again.Anyway,I know this is a bit late and I'm really irresponsible but all I can say now is sorry and I hope you guys continue reading my posts! I also thought of making manga reviews in my other blog,what do you guys think?

Anyway,let's start the review shall we? In this episode we continued off with Cana's card battle against Scorpio.Mira has an easy win against Pisces and it looks like Wendy and Lucy are in a bit of trouble.Well,maybe not a bit especially Lucy.By the way,how many of you guys out there who likes or even play cards especially like this which I think is a card battle or whatever you may call it.I would like it if I learn a bit more about it and know all the cards properties,effects and so on. But in this matter of Ca-Na-Oh! It's a bit complex for me since you are the rule but you also control the whole game.

At first,I thought Scorpio will be that character who is very hard to defeat because he said he is the rules of the game so,I imagined that he controls everything and make it totally one sided.I'm really glad that he isn't that kind of character because it would be an arc of just Cana fighting against Scorpio or something like that.So far,I like how this is going and I don't really mind much about Cana's battle.I just hope not a lot of people would started to get mad and say that the episode was boring^^" I also like the combination of Natsu and Happy which turned them into Nappy Dragneel! XD

Overall,I liked the episode and I also like the funny scene when Cana summons her father,Gildarts! I'm guessing that in the next episode we're gonna see Levi's battle or Natsu and Wendy fighting against Loke. Is it Loke or Loki? Now, I'm confused...@_@ But what do you guys think of the episode? Was it enjoyable or it was a bit boring? Either way,I'll see you guys next time so take care and have a good day!!^^/