Monday, December 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.36/211) Dance Battle!! And Nyan Cancer?! O_O

Hello again everybody and good evening! How are you guys doing and how is your weekend going so far? My weekend is good so far but it rained again today and it was raining pretty heavily just like yesterday.Also,my dad got back from the hospital today.He was sick but he decided to leave the hospital because some nurses and maybe even doctors,didn't took care of him and didn't do their job seriously.I'll talk about it more in my other blog soon so for now,let's get on with the review! :)

So,this episode was just hilarious to me.It might lack some action but there is a lot of comedy and I don't mind about it. Cana already took down Scorpio but I'm sure her journey as a card battler has just begun.Go,Ca-Na-Oh!! I'm looking forward to that new spin-off,what about you guys? It was cool to see Cana and Gildarts bonding as father and daughter,it's cool. I wonder how will Levi turn the game around as she is in a pinch and maybe about to lose.I feel sorry for Nab because Levi can't remember his name....Actually...I don't know his full name either,do you guys know? Don't let him know about this or he'll get depressed and stop doing jobs...

It's really funny when they still use characters like Nab.Not just because they are weak or anything but they also become the comedy relief characters because they will make us laugh in the later episodes.Anyway,it looks like Yuki's fight with Libra just started and I started to think that these battles actually benefits Natsu and the others or improve them.I will not be surprised if they were pretending the whole time just for their sake....and I'm sorry if I already spoiled it! XD

It was also funny when Virgo keeps trying to make Lucy suffer but she laughed instead when Virgo keep tickling her and Virgo's expression was pretty funny.I think one of the reasons I like Lucy is because she's like the straight-man in this anime but I'm sure there are more straight-man characters in this anime but straight-man female characters are just the best to me XD. And by the way,I didn't know Cancer has a very creepy side...with all the moans and such...please change to your normal self,Cancer-san... I want to hear you said 'ebi' instead of 'kani'! XD

I was actually surprised that Gray could dance and do that split! Gray,if you ever wanted to stop being a mage,be a dancer,man! XD It was more funny when Juvia could sense that Gray is doing something that all girls love. I don't actually dance and if there is someone keeps pushing me to dance,I would run out of the room and get a hella far from it! XD Haha,so overall.I enjoyed the episode and I love the episode.I hope you guys liked it as well and I hope to see you guys next time! Take care and have a good weekend!!^^/