Sunday, December 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 22) Akame Vs. Kurome!

Hey,guys and good evening!! How are you guys doing this weekend? I'm as always but yesterday however,was pretty cool.Literally because there was a storm here and it rained for a few hours straight!It's pretty rare to have storms in my area and because of it,I had a blackout and the only electrical appliances that were damaged were my kettle.Of all things,that got busted.And it was a cool kettle by the way,it turns red when it's boiling and then turns back to blue when it's finished.It was pretty.Yeah.

Haha,anyway.Aside from my nonsense about my dead electric kettle,I want to apologize to you guys for this very late review.I was really hooked to Hajime no Ippo and now,I'm a little sad because it stopped and I don't know if they're gonna continue it or not but I really hope they do because I really like it and they did a good job for the last episode of the anime which I will talk about when I make a review of it soon.Let me know what you guys think about that and if you know if they will continue the anime,please let me know!^^/

After I watched this episode,I definitely can see slowly but surely that the anime will reach it's climax because the Capital started to use their secret Imperial Arm that maybe only the Emperor can use.And with only a few characters left,there's gonna be a great and big battle and I think we will all expect that and enjoy that.So,the episode focuses on Akame and Kurome. And since Kurome doesn't have much time left,she wanted to settle the score once and for all.

Their fight was okay but I think I like the flashback about their past better.I don't know why maybe because there was not much impact in the fight but with the appearance of that monster or what they call, Danger Beast if I'm not mistaken, makes up for it.But it is weird for a beast wearing a suit like that! XD It looks like a giant astronaut and the suit looks the same as the suit from the game 'Alien Isolation', right?

It is also sad when you think the way Wave is thinking,I would go crazy if my friends keep dying and I can't do nothing about it.I'm still looking forward to Wave fighting against Tatsumi or maybe they won't fight each other and maybe fight side by side.It would be cool if Esdeath and Wave switch sides.Anyway,I think that is it for this review.I liked the episode,what about you guys? I hope you guys like the episode and this review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/