Monday, December 8, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 22) Last Good Memories!! T^T

Hello yet again,everyone! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as always and I'm listening to the ending song of Hajime no Ippo: Rising while doing this review! I think I will add this in the music player when I change it soon. Anyway,I'm just glad that I get to catch up with the new episodes and make reviews about them on time! Oh,by the way! I'm sure you guys missed Secre since she hasn't appeared for a while! She said she will review the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! tomorrow so,look forward to it.Okay? Enough of that and let's get on with the review of this sad and awesome episode!

So,I guess you guys probably know by now that my theories were wrong but I'm not upset.The story is fine and I didn't have second thoughts of it.I think I didn't get much impact of it because of my mood but if I was in my normal mood,I would probably cry about Yuuki's condition and about her life in general. Asuna,you have such a good heart! T^T I think in the next episode there will less or no scenes in the Alfheim Online (Sorry if I misspelled that^^") on the next episode because like Asuna said,there are a lot of things that Yuuki has yet to see so,she will probably ask Kirito to do what he did on the roof with Yui.

I just hope that Asuna's mom won't be a party pooper again in the next episode! And it's rude to check on your tablet while eating breakfast! I should just smack you..! ... calm down,calm down... Also,is Yuuki sounded a bit different in this episode? Or is it just me? She sounded more mature for some reason...Before,she sounded more cheerful and high energy but in this episode,her voice was calm and smooth.What do you guys think? Also,Yuuki said there was another or two other members in the Sleeping Knights has three more months to live.I wonder who?

Even though there will be not much action but we're not sure yet.Bu ,I'm really looking forward to it because I want to see Yuuki enjoy herself and get to see Asuna's school. I'm very weak with people who has illness like Yuuki and I would help them just like Asuna did to Yuuki.I'm sure Yuuki was lonely when her sister passed away and that makes me a little sad..

Overall,I love the episode.This anime has it's power to touch peoples' hearts since the first season and I like it.The music and the story mixed in very well and that is what I like the most in anime.What do you guys think of the episode? I hope you guys liked it and like this review as well.I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great weekend!!^^/