Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anime Review - Toriko

Hi,guys^^ This is the last review for today and I hope you guys liked the two reviews that I just posted not a while ago which is Samurai Champloo and Black Lagoon. I know these reviews won't make up for a couple of months of no review,I'm really sorry and I'm glad that you guys are still reading my blogs^^

Today's review is 'Toriko'. Toriko was created on the year 2011.I know that a lot of you guys don't like this anime because it's not very interesting because it is basically about food.Well,yes,it does about food but the food in the anime are different than our normal food.The anime is about the Gourmet Age,all sorts of ingredients that are very dangerous,hard and beautiful. The anime is also about Toriko and his partner,Komatsu.They begin their adventure by getting stronger by eating delicious foods and achieving goals. Toriko's goal is to finish his Full Course menu and get an ingredient that he wanted the most,God. Komatsu's goal is to able to cook for Toriko's Full Course menu.

Toriko is different than normal human beings because in his body,he has Gourmet Cells. Gourmet Cells makes you stronger when you eat very delicious foods.Toriko is also one of the Four Heavenly Kings,the other three are his friends. Coco, Sani and Zebra. All four of them has their own powers and they are awesome. When I first watched it,it looked like it is an anime suitable for younger viewers like kids.They censored the blood,cigarette and other negative things that aren't suitable for kids.

They censored it because the anime aired in Japan are at 9:00AM and according to the law,animes that are aired in the morning and have something like blood,body parts cut off and etc. have to be censored.But later in the anime,they're censored it anymore because maybe they changed the time for the anime to be aired.

On episode 0,the anime was having a crossover with One Piece and DragonBall.I liked that episode so much because it was very epic.Try giving it a shot guys,it's worth a try and plus,later in the anime there are one or two crossover with One Piece!^^

That's it for today,I hope you guys are interested or curious to watch the anime and don't worry the anime is suitable for all ages^^ I'm sorry if you were expected for more info but that's all I can give you guys.Thanks for spending your time reading my posts and I hope you guys have a great day.Bye!!^^//