Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anime Review - Samurai Champloo

Hey,guys!^^ It has been a while since my last anime review and I'm sorry if this review is a little short or not much information because I'm only tell you guys what I remember about the anime.I also realize that the reviews that I gave you guys are not actually reviews but synopsis of the animes^^" I'm so sorry about that^^"

Alright,today's review is 'Samurai Champloo'. Samurai Champloo is based on Japanese ancient history of Edo. I'm sorry if already made a mistake >< I watched Samurai Champloo on Animax.I started liking it because it was so funny and cool.It has some rap songs and soundtracks by Nujabes.I've heard some of the songs like San Francisco and I liked it a lot,Nujabes was a cool dude.Back to the anime, it's about a young girl named Fuu.

She's working in a store with her uncle and auntie who were taking care of her since she was little.Her mother passed away because of illness and now,she wants to find her father and ask him why did he left her and her mother.She's been on a journey with a rounin, Jin and a criminal,Mugen.

Jin and Mugen doesn't get along at all but sometimes they work together when they have the same goal such as looking for money to buy some food.Jin is very calm,everyone wanted to fight him after he killed his master.I don't know why so I'm sorry but I'm sure you guys are curious,right?^^Jin uses two swords. Mugen however,use to belong a group.The group was basically was his friends from his birthplace or something like that. His sword fighting technique is freestyle, meaning he doesn't have any basic sword style.

Mugen also is a hothead and a perv so whenever he spotted a big breasted women,he'll follow them and flirt them.The anime doesn't contain any hentai just women with big breasts.That's alright,right?^^" I love watching both the sub and dub version of it and be warn there will be some swearing^^

So,will Fuu finally meet and talk to her father? Why don't you guys find out?^^ That's all for this anime review,I see you guys next time.Have a great day,guys!^^//