Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anime Review - Gintama The Movie:Be Forever Yorozuya

Hey,guys! What's up and I hop you guys had a great day!^^ I'm still sick but my day is good. I got nothing to do so I decided to the a review of an awesome movie I watched last night!SPOILER ALERT TO THOSE HAVEN'T WATCHING THE MOVIE YET!!!!! So,today's review is 'Gintama The Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya". When I started to watch the movie, I was like "Why are they repeating the same messages over and over?" And as always,it was just a joke from the troll anime,Gintama! XD They were repeating a message about movie pirating and it was funny how the guy with camera want to record the movie.

So,remember guys, no movie pirating! And as the movie goes on, I kept laughing and laughing because Gintoki got sent to the future and he keeps making those epic surprised faces when he learned about the future and how the people he know changed a lot. He thought he was in a 3D movie and he ate dangos for his offering on his grave because he thought 3D is 3 Dango,I laughed so much at that.

The guy with the camera head put a snot on his forehead so that his appearance changed and no one recognizes him.He looked so funny and to those who watched the movie,you probably remember how he looked like XD He looked like a Chinko! (To younger viewers especially girls,do not google it^^") And he really does looked like one! XD I'm very glad that Gintama doesn't change with their jokes and gags because that is what makes us laugh and want to watch more.I'm still shocked on how everyone changed like Elizabeth,Shinpachi,Kagura,Madao,Tama and Catherine.I also shocked when Kagura told Gintoki that he died because he ate a poisonous mushroom! XD

My favorite scene is when everyone joined Gintoki at the battlefield and the song is on during that time.It was so epic when everyone helped him fight the aliens and the Enmi. The song is, Genjyou Destruction by Spyair.I'll put that song on my MP3 player next month because I liked that song a lot and it is very suitable when it played in the movie.To those who haven't watched Gintama yet,try watch this movie and maybe it could change your mind and made you interested to watch the anime.

I don't know if Gintama will continue so to those who have any news about Gintama,please leave a comment because I want to know and I'm sure other otakus want to know too! That's the end of this review,thank you for reading my posts and I'll see you guys later,have a great day!!^^//