Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anime Review - Kekkaishi

Hey,what's up guys?^^ How are you guys doing today? I wish you all well and have a great day. I've been thinking for awhile on what review I should do next.I think very hard because I'm a forgetful person so sometimes I forgot what anime that I finished watching^^" So,let's start the review! Mission start!

Today's anime review is, Kekkaishi! Kekkaishi is about two high school kids who seal and destroy the ayakashi or demons from entering their school because the school is on a land called Karasumori which holds some power that will make the ayakashi stronger. Two clans have protected that land for years and the clans are the heirs of a demon exterminator named, Tokimori Hazama. He protected the land and died there. Now, Yoshimori from the Sumimura Clan and Tokine from the Yukimura Clan, protect the land and fight ayakashi.

It has been passed down to them and it is their duty to protect it. Kekkaishi is what they call themselves because they destroy ayakashi with barriers. Yoshimori's brother who is the leader of a certain organization called, The Shadow Organization. Their job is to assist the Kekkaishi or do whatever it takes to prevent the ayakashi from entering Karasumori. It's a supernatural anime so those who like supernatural stuff,trying checking this out. The anime has 52 episodes and the manga is already completed.

 I haven't red the manga much but I will read it someday.The first time I watched that anime is of course, Animax! I love that channel so much. The first time I watch  animes like Beelzebub, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kekkaishi on that channel. I like Kekkaishi very much because the story was good,the soundtrack was good and the opening song was good and it only has one opening song and I think four or three ending songs. The ending is not bad too,not too sad and definitely not a cliffhanger. After you guys done watching the anime,try read the manga too because there is another Arc that they didn't put in the anime.

Well,that is it for this anime review. Let me know what you guys think of the anime. All I hope for is that you guys enjoy the anime.If you don't like it,it's fine because everyone has their own tastes or have their own likes and dislikes....I hope that made any sense because I don't know what I'm talking about right now^^" Overall,I hope you guys have a great day and make sure to take care of yourselves! See you guys later!^^//