Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail 2014 (Ep 1-3)

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing fine,still breathing and not kickin' because of my toe! Like this morning when I stretch to get up in the morning- I mean evening...I woke up at 1300,alright? Because I always sleep late....don't judge me...I have a fragile heart... Anyway,I hope you guys are fine and are having an AWESOME day^^ So,this is the first anime episode review.I figure I should do this to stay active and so that I can share the epicness,the sadness and maybe some BS-ness..^^" Don't say BS kids...

Today episode review is from the continued anime,the second most epic anime or third in my list of course,Fairy Tail~! Of course you all know,the anime was on hold for some reasons of Lucy's voice actress but let's not bring that up because why,right? Water under the bridge and all that is matter now is that the anime is back!So,when I watch the first episode and right before the opening sound,there are some epicness like Natsu fighting dragons and Lucy got the front row sits to watch him fight. I like it when they do that,showing us the scenes that will appear on the future episodes and continue back to the from where it lift off.

Also,I forgot to tell you guys that I haven't red the manga yet because to me why would you read the manga when the anime is ongoing and I like to read the manga where the anime ended and continue reading after that.Such as Soul Eater,Sora No Otoshimono(Ecchi),Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I know that I'm mixing with different animes in this review right now so I apologize^^" Back to the review. I also surprised when the Sabertooth guild master obliterate Lector,Sting's cat/partner. I also surprised when Sting killed the master but I'm confused on who will be the next guild master of Sabertooth? Will,it be Sting or that mean Minerva? And I think Minerva is now the most hateful character in Fairy Tail XD

I also can't wait when the Dragon Festival starts and what will happened because I saw some manga pages from the web which spoiled me! But I'm not gonna tell you guys in this because I don't know if all of you have red the manga or not. That is the end of episode 1 and now for episode 2,I'm amazed how Wnedy can talk to Dragon's spirits or souls. I laughed when the dragon they talk to refuse to talk to Natsu and the others because they're humans and he willingly talks to Happy because he is a cat! XD The reaction of them towards the dragon was priceless! XD

And last but certainly not least~! Episode 3- Great! My hands smells like cat litter! Oh,this is so fantastic! Damn you,cat litter!! You made me hate my own hands...well,a little because my hands are everything to me.I sound like Sanji^^" Excuse of my distraction of my hands.Moving on,Episode 3! Now,to those who haven't watched episode 3 yet,go watch it now before reading this paragraph! I hope no one will be mad at me after I post this T^T In episode 3, I was amazed by Mavis's strategy in the Magic Games/Tournament... Turns out she's a strategist and she use to help wizards win in wars long ago.

Wow,as to expect from the first guild master of Fairy Tail. Mavis is awesome and she's so cute too! But still doesn't that count as cheating for helping them win? Well,they do want to save a fellow guild member and a member of their family so I guess they're willing to do anything. I guess on the next episode, we will see Gray fighting against Rufus and Natsu and the others trying to escape from the castle.I wonder what the Princess will do or what's her purpose in later episodes. She reminds me of Nelliel from Bleach for some reason^^"

Anyway,I think that is all for these three episode reviews.I'm sorry if you guys were confused because I keep mixing up with other anime or other anime characters.Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys later.Oh,yeah! I almost forgot.Thanks for going ham on the Shingeki No Kyojin OVA 2 post.13+ ?! Wow! Thanks for the likes,guys! Have a great day! Also,the pics I have been using aren't mine.I don't Photoshop to edit my pictures><