Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 500 - 508 [Brothers And Nakama And The King Of The Pirates] [And Again, Maybe Contain Spoilers]

Hey,guys! How are you doing today? I'm fine as usual, just finished playing with my little brother and I don't know why I want to tell you guys that but meh... Anyway, I'm sorry for haven't posting the new episode reviews. I will do it soon but because of some unavoidable circumstances, I had to postpone it because I was scared and I was guarding my house from a dangerous person. I will tell you guys in detail maybe some other time because it is a little private but I'm still want to share with you guys. But of course,I will post about it in my main blog because this is an anime review not a Danial Review. Now,let's jump in to today's anime talk which is about a flashback of Luffy's childhood!

After the War of the Best, Luffy was severely injured and he was almost go insane after Ace's death. He escaped by Trafalgar Law's submarine and set sail to the island of women. Of course you all know that but just in case you forgot or anything. When Garp sent Luffy to Dadan and when Ace made his first appearance to Luffy in that episode of course and being a brat and a jerk even though everyone keeps saying he is so cute but that besides the point. I also just realized that the voice actor for little Ace is the same as Shinpachi from Gintama and Ryohei from Clannad. I don't know the voice actor's name so,sorry. And I think Sabo's voice actress is the same as Naruto,correct me if I'm wrong though. Also,Sabo's dad has the same voice actor for Brook! I don't know why but I like it when they use the main characters voice actors or actresses on another character.For example, they said Bon Kurei's voice actor is the same as Franky.

And again,I gone off topic... Back to the review, I like Sabo's character and his background.He's a noble's son and he hates the society filled with selfish nobles.It's the same in real life. I mean,some rich people force their children to marry with someone with high status so that either their reputation doesn't go downhill or it'f just for business. There's multiple other reasons of these selfish rich people but not all of them are like that. Some of them are very generous but it's hard to find them because nowadays everyone wants money and guess again people,I've gone off topic again! When I see Luffy keep crying and asking for help,it kinda makes me wonder what if he is still like that when he grows up? I kinda feel sorry for Ace because he thought people want him to die or wished he would've never been born because he carries his father's blood.

Speaking his father's blood,did you know that Ace really resembles as his father? I know that's obvious but I mean is,whenever he is in a fight, he won't run away. When Dadan asked him why he didn't run away,he said "If I run away,the enemy will hurt someone I love behind me and behind me is Luffy.." He said and he looks away.Then Dadan remembered when he talked to Garp and they talked about Roger. Garp said Roger would never run away for the sake of his crew and he also said, "One time,he defeated a whole military from a country because they said something bad for his crew." I was happy when they talk about Roger because we don't know much about Roger and it makes me happy because I get to know the mysterious character more and more. There's another scene which made me surprised. It was when Sabo tried to help Ace and Luffy because of the big fire in gray Terminal and he got beaten up by the military soldiers. Then another mystery character appears, Monkey D. Dragon! I'm the kind of guy who likes to see a badass character or a mystery character's reaction towards anything. When he helped Sabo and when Sabo tells him how much he hated the kingdom and how much he wants freedom,he gives off a surprised reaction. I hope you guys understand what I'm saying^^"

Anyway, I was very angry when the Celestial Dragon shoot at Sabo's boat only because he crossed paths with his ship.Selfish bastards like them, (excuse my language by the way) need to beat some sense into them,literally! And it was depressing and sad when Luffy,Ace,Dadan and the others heard about Sabo who maybe die. What a lot of people hope for is that Sabo is still alive and I hope so too.Another touched scene if you could say, is when Ace and Luffy departs from Windmill Village and that made Dadan cry which is funny and touched.I mean of course she will cry because she and her bandits raised them and I also like when they tease her by asking is she crying or not and I almost cried at this scene. Then back to the present,Garp came back to his village and got beaten by Dadan. I almost cried at that scene too.But the most impact of sadness when Luffy's crew found out about Luffy and how much they feel bad and sad for him because they can't be there with him. It was so much sad that it made Sanji's make up wear off! LOL XD

Another scene that I almost cried is when Jimbei helps Luffy as he gone berserk because he can't accept Ace's death and because he thought he lost everything until he remembered he still has his 'nakama'.That was a great scene. To me it's hard to cry in this anime because it has a lot of action and all but I do feel sad.If there is an anime like Clannad and Angel Beats then trust me,you'll see me cry for a few times. When I cry,I wouldn't like, "WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!".No. Tears will just flow out from my eyes and I will keep quiet,that's all. That's right,I'm a boss! I'm actually not...forgive me and excuse my cockiness.... Anyway,I think that's all.I'm sorry if some of them didn't make any sense and I'm sorry for making a long post.Thanks for keep reading my post and I really appreciate it.I'll see you guys next time on the Fairy Tail episode reviews! Have an amazing day,everyone!^^/