Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.9/184) Two Lucys And Minerva The *****

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? Well,I hope you guys are having an amazing and cool day because I'm sure not having a cool day today. It's not a bad day or anything just HOT. Whenever I walked out of my mom's room which has an air-conditioner by the way,I will start sweating like I just got back from the gym.Not that I've gone to one recently but I wish I do because I want to stay healthy and try to avoid something that is completely suck. And worst of all is that school holiday is almost over! It feels like it went by so fast. I even thought of exercising during the holidays but of course there's something gets in my way.... But anyway,enough of my rambling and let's just get to it.Shall we?

Another thing I want to talk about is that I'm sorry for posting this so late and don't worry,I will make review of the next episode after this.If you guys red my recent post in my main blog,you'll know why I post very late than usual.In this episode,there are some surprises, I guess and we also learned a few stuff that we wondered about.Such as how in the world Arcadios survived after he gets in the lava.By the way,you guys had no idea how long have I tried to remember Arcadios's name....I remembered his name when I read back the previous reviews.... I literally thought his name was, Apuricho or something XD I even searched that on Google and got nothing.So,back to the review...again. Turns out the amulet around his neck saved his life and do you guys think that amulet has to do anything with the ghost jade dragon? I think it's a lacrima that has that dragon's powers like Laxus's powers. I don't know it's just me thinking out loud.

And finally we see an event that was shown from the opening or intro of the anime and that is the battle with the three strongest female wizards! I feel bad for Mavis when her prediction was wrong and it seems she can't predict Minerva at all. I think the author make that on purpose because this battle is too intense and just using Mavis's prediction would just be a hindrance for this epic battle,I guess? Don't take any offence of what I said, I like Mavis's powers and she is very strong and all but if they keep using her powers there's no fun in the battle. I think that is what I'm trying to say.

News flash: Lucy learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu! Haha, just kidding! I kinda expected this to happened since the series continued and I figured it out when I watch the opening and you see a hooded person,crying and she is standing behind Lucy. I'm sure you guys figured that out as well because it's easy to spot and easy to figure it out. But when that scene continued,when Natsu keeps rolling on the ground and stopped in front of future Lucy, I thought to my head, " He's gonna say 'Why do you smell like Lucy?' or something like that..." and he did! Wow,does this make me a psychic?! Unfortunately, I can't predict future episodes unless I red the manga.Which I won't because I want to watch the anime first then I watch the manga.

I think that is it for this episode review. I'll post another another one maybe after this because I got a headache from out of nowhere and I have to go somewhere tomorrow and it's far.I probably stay there for the night and come back here by the day after tomorrow. What do you guys think of the epic battle? Who will win? And which guild that will win the tournament? I'll see you guys next time and have an awesome day,everyone because we all deserve it and we'll shall make our days always awesome!^^/