Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.10/185) More Surprises! And Future Lucy Is More Lighter Than Lucy

Hey again,guys! How are you guys doing? I don't know if it's already a new day for you guys but if it is,then I wish you to have a great day and I hope you guys are well or get well soon.I think I'll post the next review later because it's already 5:00 AM here and I want to go to bed but before that I want to post this.I just finished watching this episode too and before I finished watching it,I thought that I'll post this episode tomorrow or later but when I watch the episode till the end,I decided to just post this before I go to bed. So,sit tight and enjoy.

So, as we guessed, this episode is more to the Erza Vs. Kagura Vs. Minerva. And I think next episode is going to be mixed with other battles such as Laxus Vs. The Lightning God Slayer guy or Gajeel Vs. Rogue. I wonder who will Sting fight against and what is he planning? And does this mean he's the leader or guild master now or is Minerva the guild master? Either way,looking forward to the battles and future Lucy's story. This episode is mainly about Erza and her past since she and Kagura know about Jellal and guess what? The kind Simon has a baby sister. Who would've thought? I like how they will link the new characters to the older characters or the characters that have died.

And I also surprised that Ultear was the one who pulled the strings at the Tower of Heaven. It's quite frightening of what Ultear can do and she even manipulate Jellal. It's cool to see bad characters become good like Hot Eye. If you guys don't remember,Hot Eye was from the Nirvana Arc? When Fairy Tail,Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cat Shelter join forces to fight the evil guild which I forgot the guild's name.Hot Eye was a member of that guild then he turned good because of Nirvana which can switch from good to bad and vice versa. Then Hot Eye help to fight his own guild and he is Woody's brother. He has been searching for him for a while.He was then taken by the kingdom of Fiore's military.

What shall Kagura do? Will she unleashed her anger towards Erza? And whose blood splatter on the ruins? And why does everyone looked shocked? I can't wait to watch the next episode! I think that is it for this review.I'll see you guys next time and stay awesome as always,okay? See you guys,later!^^/