Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep.465 [Garp And Ace Moment] [Maybe Contain Spoilers!]

Hey,guys! Welcome to another anime talk! How are you guys doing by the way? And hows your day? I'm fine as usual and my day is getting started because it is morning here and I haven't eaten breakfast yet because I drank a lot of orange juice... Anyway,let's just jump or dive in the anime talk and I think it will be short. Today's anime talk is about One Piece Ep.465 . In this episode is in the the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates (Sorry,I forgot what arc that is and I'm too lazy to look it up^^") The scene that I'm going to talk about is when Sengoku gave the order to all marines to execute Ace immediately instead of the scheduled time.

Garp walk up to the execution platform and sit next to Ace. That scene,almost made me cry,guys!  Because there are some flashbacks when Garp met Ace's mother when she gave birth to Ace.Her mother died and Garp sent him to Dadan.The reason that made me cry maybe it's because I can understand how Garp feel and I imagine myself in his shoes.I would be very sad when I raised an adopted child that I love so much,will be executed in front of my eyes and I can't do anything about it.

By the way,imagine Garp not following Sengoku's orders and quit being a marine.He would be one strong pirate if he wants to that is.And when Garp started to cry and said "You two should just be marines like I told you to!" and Ace was about to cry with Garp.Then that sad moment was ruined. From sad to epicness as Luffy and his team fall from the sky.That is the most epic moment I've seen so far and I know there's a lot of epic moments before that but this is great too. Oh,yeah.The feels when Bon Kurei sacrificed himself for his friends and now that guys,is a true man and a true friend.

And dammit cat, stop stepping on my laptop! You stepped on it again! Oh,you lucky you're not a person or you'll end up on the floor,sir! Cute little furballs...If you guys thought something dirty,stop it...I just embarrassed myself,aren't I?... A-Anyway, another thing that hit me when Garp was grieving for Ace is when he said to himself "What should I do?!". That was tough. Even though a strong person has a soft heart or the strong person has a steel heart but inside that steel heart, is a very soft heart. I really hope that made sense because it is cool.

Well,that's it for my rambling.Thanks for reading this,I really do appreciate it. I'll see you guys some other time maybe after the next episode of Fairy Tail which is this Saturday.Take care of yourselves and have a great day,guys!^^/