Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail 2014 (Ep.5/180) Knights That Aren't Actually Knights...

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I'm sorry for the late review of this episode and the next episode of Fairy Tail. I will make a review of the next episode after this. Well,I hope you guys are having an awesome day and enjoy this review and enjoy more Anime!

Alright, the first thing I want to talk about this episode is, Lector is still alive! Well,that's it for this review.The cat is more important than anything that happened in this episode! Good bye everybody! Nah,I'm just kidding^^" Another thing I want to talk about is that both Fair Tail and Sabertooth have their own goals now.Of course they want to be the number one guild in Fiore but since Sting became the master of Sabertooth after what he did to that long nose guy, he aims for Lector as he is missing and Minerva is the only person who know where he is.

I'm glad that she rescued Lector and all but she is still- I don;t know,I hate characters like her but because characters like her exists in anime, they will make the audience or the viewers more and more into the story or should I say be more focus to the current battle or certain arc. Every anime needs to have the most mean,douche,scumbag character like Minerva,Doflamingo and who else? I can't remember the characters that I hate so much. And I meant was the evil characters you hate so much.So much that you would scream at the screen and wish that character get defeated already or die^^"

But for now the evil character that I hate the most is Miss Minerva. I must say,she is quite an amazing villain. She looks like she's the kind of person that want everyone to bow down to her and think that she is so superior to others. Enough of my useless babbling. What I like in this episode? Well,I like that Sting become the master and I like the introduction of another enemy that fight Natsu and Wendy, the Garou Knights. Most of them does not look like knights though....except that one guy who actually looks like a knight. Cat,get away from my laptop,please...I can't type this way...Thank you for finally move,cat! Also, Natsu and Wendy would make an awesome combo!

I don;t know if I can continue with theses episode reviews because I'm not very good at it^^" But I'm happy that you guys read it despite the review is very awful. And that's it for the review,there's literally nothing for me to say because there isn't anything interesting happen in this episode. Let's hope the next episode has a lot more action and why in the hell Mira still wearing a school swimsuit? XD Fan service maybe? Still,kinda funny how she doesn't care of what she wears. Until next time guys,have a great day^^//