Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anime Episode Review - Fairy Tail (Ep.8/183) Execute The Executioners And Don't Mess With Aquarius!

Hey,guys! How are you doing today? Hows your day been going so far? I'm fine as usual and my day is kinda...how do I explain this..Slept at 8:00 AM and woke up at 3:00 PM. Yup,that happened and that made my girlfriend worried. I didn't sleepy at all because I watch One Piece till late at night and watching a movie cutscene from InFamous, InFamous 2 and InFamous: Festival Of Blood. I've been looking for those for a long time because I wanted to know more about InFamous because it is a good game and I like it.And we went off topic...great...

B-back to this episode review, in this episode we see that Natsu and his team are kicking the executioners cocky butts.And man,the confetti girl is so sadistic and the plant girl is a little weird and she reminded me of Sunny from Toriko because they both kept talking about how things are beautiful or what they see beautiful.Those two executioners magic are very interesting and cool but I was a little annoyed whenever a character keeps being cocky when they fight.Not very annoyed more like 'why' annoyed. For example,the confetti girl, "The red paper is God of flame", "The yellow paper is the God of lightning" .

She keeps saying 'Kami,Kami,Kami' and it's like a glitched robot or videotape and it keeps on repeating. I think she reminds me of another character but I can't remember.I'm not really hating or anything,it's just my personal thoughts of the characters and I like the Garou Knights because they have some interesting powers.By the way,am I the only one that think that these battles escalated very quickly? I think they should continue the tournament while Natsu's team fighting the Garou Knights.They should show some scenes of the battle in the tournament and continue the fight with Natsu and the others.What do you guys think?

And of course,the episode starts with Aquarius angry face. I missed her so much because she's very funny when she keeps yelling at Lucy or someone else that interrupts her.And man,no one and I mean no one should mess around with Aquarius.Imagine her being a Yandere...The series will be over,I think! I'm sorry if you guys annoyed of me keep talking about Aquarius and no,it's not because of her cleavage or anything.I just like her personality.Maybe because I'm Aquarius too? LOL,I doubt that.

I'm sure the next episode is Natsu and his team tries to get out and that probably be the whole episode unless they show some battles in the tournament. I really want to see Laxus fighting that lightning guy from Sabertooth and I would like to see Kagura fight Erza.Those battles will be so epic! I'm only looking forward to those fights. Tell me,what fights are you guys looking forward to see? And that is the end of this review.Thanks for reading and giving this post a +. That means a lot to me and I really appreciate it.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!