Monday, May 26, 2014

Anime Talk : One Piece - Ep. 447 [The Change Of Sides]

Hey,guys! This is just a random post that I just thought of doing it a few days ago. I thought it would be cool to have an anime talk just between me and you guys.In Anime Talk, I would discuss you guys about certain anime episodes.For instance this one is about One Piece. I will just talk about what got me interested in certain episode and I want to share it with you guys. In case you guys forgotten what episode is this,this is from the Impel Down arc.This episode is when Luffy and his team which is inmates of Impel Down,enemies from the past and a couple of Warlords, breaking out of Impel Down.

In this episode,Luffy fights the assistant warden,Hanyabel. I'm sorry if I spell his name wrong. He's the guy who keeps wanting to be the warden and take Magellan's seat as the Warden of Impel Down. In this episode, Hanyabel feel indebted to Magellan,I guess? Because of all this time,he has been wanting to be the warden and blaming all this chaos is Magellan's fault.But when he can't get things under control,Magellan said he is on his way to help him and he ask Hanyabel to delay the criminals until he gets there.

Hanyabel was moved and he made a resolve to help Magellan eve if it costs his life.He fight Luffy and he keeps losing but he doesn't give up and continue to fight Luffy.The other staff of Impel Down cheer him on until Hanyabel is down for the count.In that scene,it made Luffy the bad guy and Hanyabel the good guy.Because Hanyabel keeps fighting Luffy even though he knows that Luffy is in another league. When I watch this scene,it made me change sides for a bit.As long as the anime goes,I've been cheering Luffy and his crew all the way but when I watch this scene,I switch side and rooted for Hanyabel.

It's amazing how Oda can make the viewers or the readers to change their sides between the heroes in the anime and the enemies in the anime.You know,what I'm saying? It's very amazing indeed.I hope you guys understand I'm trying to say here and tell me if you guys felt the same as well when you guys watched this episode.It's not like I don't like Luffy and his crew,I do and their awesome.Just this episode that made me change sides for a bit.

Lastly,my favorite scene is when Magellan walks to Hanyabel and praise him for delaying the criminals as long as he can.As Magellan walk to the staircase to the upper floor, he said "You better not die on me because you're the only successor that I accept!" That's more or less what he said and that made me moved a little,ain't gonna lie. Anyway,that's all. I hope you guys like my Anime Talk or just my meaningless and useless rambling! If you do like it,I thank you. I'll see you guys tomorrow as I will make a review of Fairy Tail's new episode.See ya!^^/

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