Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 11 & 12) Kaneki VS. Amon & Endure The Loss

Hello, everyone! It has been quite awhile. How are you guys doing and hows your day so far? I'm fine and my day was normal as always. And yes, I am back...again...I won't apologize because I don't want to annoy you guys by keep apologizing and stuff but I'm back again because I found another anime website that was suggested by my girlfriend and thankfully, the site was not bad at all. It was much better than the usual anime site that I use to watch because they put a lot more ads than before and it was pretty annoying.

I will finish watching Durarara!! and Kuroko no Basuke, I want to catch up with Fairy Tail and I'm kinda scared to watch the Tartarus Arc because if you guys who already red the manga, the things that happened and after that really made me torn a little XD It's kind of the first time I felt torn for an anime, I think but I felt so torn right now for some reason and I felt this for awhile since a couple of months back when I saw some spoilers in Tumblr...-_- But I don't blame them so whatever. Anyway, without further ado let's get this thing started already!

To me the episode was a little slow maybe because I haven't watched it for awhile and now when I just jumped in like this it looked slow to me. I liked the fight between Amon and Kaneki, because they both kind of represent humans and ghouls. Do you guys think they will continue the anime? Another season maybe? Where did Amon go? Did he ran away or something because he lost to Kaneki?

And by the way, I was glad the manager of Anteiku was still alive! Well, I don't if he is still alive now since I just watched episode 11 and I will be watching the last episode soon...And didn't he had a son and not a daughter?! She's pretty sexy too, I'll tell you that... I don't know, it's a little confusing but do you guys think I should red the manga? If possible I just want to watch the anime. I like manga as well but sometimes the pages won't load and you have to go to another manga site to read one specific page! -_- Anyway, I think that is all for episode 11. I know it's not much but that is all I can review to. I hope you guys hang tight for another episode review! Down below not another post...

Just finished watching episode 12...wow...that's a lot of blood. And man, the ':re' at the end, that was a great touch. Is that a new Tokyo Ghoul manga or just a new volume or chapter? Now, I want to read the manga! >.< A lot of questions in the last episode, what happened to Kaneki? What did Amira The Badass Long Chin-san do to Kaneki? Manager, where the hell are you?

I like those kinds of ending because it makes us imagined or think what happened after that. Touka opened a coffee shop, :re, is she still with the other ghouls? Now, I feel more need to read the manga!!

It was nice and sad when Kaneki met Hide and when Hide died. For some reason, I imagined Hide asking Kaneki to eat him or something but that would be difficult for Kaneki. I mean, come on. He ate Jason and someone else I think and I'm sure he won't eat his friend so that he could live on inside him. Sounds a little bit yaoi but hey, I don't judge! I think that is it for this episode. The hype for the episode was so real, I still remember people keep posting about Kaneki and Hide, when he carried him to the CCG ( I kept calling them CGI for some reason...) Anyway, thank you all so much for reading this and the other posts when I was gone. You guys are awesome, remember that! Have a great day and be happy. JUST DO IT!!