Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou! (Episode 10) Things Building Up And A Depressed Shooter

Hello again, everyone! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and I should be going to bed right now but I couldn't decide to make this post first or just go to bed yet. It's already 3:24 in the morning, lol XD So, anyway I don't remember much about what happened in the last episode but as I recall in the last episode, things were still building up and there aren't anything else for me to review on. So, this review might be a little bit short and I will review the other two episodes in one post just like I did with Death Parade. Now, on with the show that is not a show but a review instead and you have to read it instead of watching it on YouTube! Unless they don't review this on YouTube...Yay, me :D

SO, most of the episode was explaining more about Akane, she wasn't a psycho little girl but a cute, kind hearted and poor girl. I guess it's kind of sad when you don't have real friends and they friends with you because of something else but if I were her though, I would just scare the bullies and be friends with the girl I saved from getting bullied. And Akane said she was afraid of confronting them to stop bullying. Don't be silly Akane-chan, most people older than you couldn't do that and I don't blame them because I'm in the same category so, don't hate yourselves! You're you and that is all matters! J-J-JUST DO IT!!!

I don't know what Izaya's up to but I'm envy by that slick and evil brain of his. Even though he is evil but dang, he is smart! He can make others do as he planned and all, and that is badass actually. Thankfully, there were no spoilers about Durarara!! in social media because I really want to know what is the big thing that Izaya talked about! I'm so excited and I just can hide it! DO IT! Kadota was pretty cool to deal with the boss of another gang for the sake of the Dollars. And man, gangs are kind of scary...haha... Anyway, I think that is all for now. I don't know what else to talk about in this episode because not a lot happened just a wild goose chase. And I hate goose but I like the episode.

Until next time! Have fun, live life, have a nice day and take care of yourselves!!!^^/

Shooter gets all the ladies! And the love of children. Poor Mikado... *Pats his back*