Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Death Parade (Episode 10) Baba Power! And Arbiter With Human Emotions!

Hello again,everybody! How are you guys doing what are you guys up to?! Well,thankfully the chest pain is slowly going away and I am back as my old self! I cannot say that I feel good as new because of some conditions right now such as I haven't showered yet which is embarrassing to tell you guys but hey,everything goes in conversations,right? No? Okay.. Anyway,we finally get to see what happened after that last episode and here it is! And without any ridiculous and unnecessary nonsense from me,let' get this review started!

Decim looked like- 3/15/15

Hey, guys! Me from the present here^^/ The past me stopped finishing this post because I had a headache and that was when I was a little busy with something  that I don't remember so, I will try to review this episode which is episode 10 on which I could remember. I think this was the episode when Chiyuki, the woman who became Decim's assistant, yelled at him for his judgement and in this episode she and the elder that was being judged, remembering their past by looking at their cards. The hints of Chiyuki's life was on the cards such as the Chavvot character and ice skating shoes. I don't know if this was considered spoilers but I'm sure some of you who just watched it have already figured it out.

And the old guy who claims himself as God, right? He said he was God, right? I don't remember XD I thought he was a cool old dude, man! And then he used his flowery hair and...sucking on that guy's face and red his memories or something. I wonder what he will do next? By the way, I think I will just review this episode in this post and I will review the other two episodes in another post. I don't want to make super long posts for you guys and I'm sorry if I did that but it's just the way I do, you know? Anyway, that is all for this episode! I hope you guys are fine and well. Keep chasing your dreams and as our pal Shea would say: MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! DO IT!!!