Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anime Review - Toradora!

Hi,guys and how are you guys doing?^^ I'm sorry for the late review but now I have time to make a review and today's review is 'Toradora!' .I've never heard about this anime before until I watched it a few weeks ago because I keep seeing a lot either in the comments or chatting,they keep talking about Toradora.So,I decided to give it a shot and really liked it because there's comedy in it and the story is good not bad at all.

So,the anime begins with Ryuuji Takasu. He's a clean freak,he definitely can't ignore anything dirty like stains and a mess.Everyone in school is afraid at him at first because of his face and they think he's a delinquent but he is actually not.Then there's his best friend named,Yusaku Kitamura. He's a vice president of the student council and he is Taiga's crush. Aisaka Taiga is a tsundere and also known as Palm Tiger because she always snapping others brutally and she have a short temper which will make her hit anybody. Minori Kushieda is Taiga's best friend also Takasu's crush.She's very energetic and she always got Taiga's back.She's always happy and to me she's one hardcore character.Ami Kawashima is model who just transfered to Takasu and the others' school because she has some problems.She's also Yusaku's childhood friend and she will act like an airhead and being cute in front of people but actually she has a side that other's don't know.

So,basically Takasu and Taiga help each other so that they can confess to their crush.Taiga made Takasu as her servant so that he can make her food and do all of  her chores because she know he will do anything to get closer with Minorin. She mostly hangout at Takasu's house and spends more time with him.

The anime has 25 episodes,2 openings and endings.That's all I want to tell you guys and there will be more characters further in the anime like the other classmates of Takasu and others' classroom,their home room teacher and a few more.There are some touchy moment which almost made me cry and there are some moments that is funny.And what makes more interesting is that Taiga has the same voice actor as Kagura from Gintama.Anyway,I think that is all.I'm going to make another review after this so,see you guys later!^^//