Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anime Review - Baka and Test Shokanjuu

Hey guys,here is another review for today.And it is 'Baka and Test Shokanjuu'! This anime is about a high school where grades is everything.You can fight with other classes with your summoned beasts,the higher of your test scores the stronger your beast is.You can only fight in the school and with a permission from a teacher.In the anime is about Yoshii and his friends basically just trying to get to the highest classes which is the Class A while they're are in Class F,the most dirty and run down classroom.

While the Class A has the most beautiful classroom with air conditioner,coffee machine and to put it short its like a rich peoples' house.Class B to E just have a normal classroom.Class F always challenges Class A for a battle so that they can switch classrooms since that is the condition of the summoned beasts battle.Its a comedy anime and it is a lot of fun.The storyline is the same as our high school lives.

The anime has two seasons,go watch it I don't want to spoil much about the anime to you guys and I'm so sorry that this review is so short because that's all I have to tell you guys about the anime.I'm sure you guys will enjoy and have fun watching it,me and my friends had fun watching it and we loved it.Suggest me more animes for me so that I can make reviews on them.I'm only make  reviews of the animes that I finished watching.I'll see you guys later,I'm sorry again for the short and not much information about the anime.Haave a great day,guys!^^//