Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anime Review - Clannad

Hey guys and how are you today? I'm so sorry that I haven't posted any reviews for a long time and for that I will make two anime reviews today^^ So,today's anime review is Clannad! Based on a novel or a visual novel,it is about a couple,Tomoya and Nagisa,that love each other so much and later get married and got a child named,Ushio.Okazaki Tomoya is a high school student,his mother died in an accident and he lives with his jobless father,always stayed home and watch Tv.Nagisa is supposed to be graduated after Tomoya but she always get sick and she got hold back for another year.

In the anime,you guys will also see a lot of funny scenes with Tomoya and his friends.He always hangouts with Sunohara Ryohei,his best friend.They will skip classes and sometimes get into fights with other students.Tomoya mostly spend his time at the dormitory in Sunohara's room.Sunohara likes to make jokes and Tomoya always makes fun of Sunohara.They sometimes hangout with Kyou and her twin sister,Ryou.Later in the anime you guys will meet more characters and I don't want to let you guys know because I don't want to reveal spoilers.

Tomoya and Nagisa slowly get closer and closer till they like each other,they soon make a drama club with the help with of their friends.Nagisa's father use to be an actor on stage and that's why Nagisa likes acting and wanted to make a drama club.In the second season,'Clannad:Afterstory' Tomoya and his friends graduated,they all feel bad for leaving Nagisa alone in school because she got hold back again because of her sickness but she's fine with it and got more courage after she met Tomoya and the others.After that,Tomoya rented an apartment for him and Nagisa and he works hard as a technician (Repairs the electric poles,I'm sorry that I don't know what's that job called^^").

Then they got married and got a baby girl.They named her,Ushio.I think that's all I can tell you guys,in the first season there's 24 episodes.The 24th episode is an alternate version,the only that changed is Nagisa isn't in the episode and Tomoya liked someone else and there are two other alternate episodes that I think is still in YouTube and it is the same as the 24th epsiode,Nagisa is not in those episodes and Tomoya likes other girls.In the second season also has 24 episodes.Go watch the anime,I hope you guys like it and be sure you're prepared with tissues.That's right,there are sad moments and those sad moments makes I think almost everyone cry including me.

I hope you guys like the review,tell me what you guys think about the anime in the comments and I'll see you guys later.Have a great day!^^//