Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anime Review - K-On!

Hey,what's up guys?! How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are good and well and have a good day^^ I'm feeling a lot better than before and know I just hope my cough and flu gone sooner or later^^" Anyway,today I'm gonna make a review on one of the animes that inspired me to play music or started to play music^^

Today's review is, 'K-On!'. K-On! is about a group of girls that are from the light music club and they formed a band.I think the band's name is 'After School Tea Time' and I'm sorry if I'm wrong because I watched that anime last year and I haven't watched the second season yet because I'm busy with other animes and busy in general. So many anime,so little time^^" The feels,right? Anyway,I like the anime because the songs are not bad, I really liked them and I like the comedy in the anime and the story isn't bad eitther. My friend introduced me this anime,he would keep talking about it maybe for hours or days when we met at school XD

At first,I haven't grown any interest towards the anime so I didn't watch it but one time when I was bored and kept thinking on what anime I should watch next and then I thought to myself that I should try and watch K-On! My favorite character is Yui. I liked her because she is so funny and I like how cheerful and easy-going she is. I also liked when her friends yelled at her or scolded at her and she starts to cry or something.They also aimed to be the most famous band,I think. I remembered that the president of the club,Ritsu, aimed to perform somewhere but unfortunately! I forgot^^"

But hey,maybe that makes you guys interested and try to watch it,right? Then go on ahead and watch the anime till you drop.After you drop,get yourself back up and watch more animes! I mean that's what we are,right? We're Otakus! The anime has probably more than 20 episodes and if I'm wrong call me an idiot^^" It has two seasons and a movie and maybe two OVAs! So be sure to watch all of it,okay?I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//