Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Himouto! Umaru-chan (Episode 1) Jumpu And Jun Piece!

Hey and what's up, guys? How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I know that I haven't posted anything for quite awhile and I'm sorry AGAIN so please forgive me! I re-watched some animes and ended up postponing to make reviews and continue my review on Durarara! And I was going to watch it and review it tonight but then I kept seeing gifs of this anime on Tumblr. and I have been wanting to check this anime out because the character, Umaru is so damn cute! And the anime was funny as well! I have just watched the first episode of it and don't worry I think I will watch Durarara after this and review.

And I think I will watch that one anime that I don't know the title of...It's about this big guy and his friend and they were in highschool and this big guy likes this girl and I think the girl liked him to despite of his looks compared to his friend which is one of those hot anime guys that you see in animes XD So, if it's possible and if you guys know what anime I'm talking about, can you leave a comment and tell me the title? Thank you! Hint: Pewds (PewDiePie) watched the anime during his anniversary with his girlfriend on his Santorini vlog.

Now, let's get this review started! From the get go and when the first episode started, I already knew this anime is going to be fun and funny because of the opening, the story and the backstory of Umaru. I think I've heard the voice actor of Umaru's brother before and he has a nice voice and his reactions when he gets mad at his sister was pretty funny. And it was funny when almost everyone admired Umaru when she's big. They will keep calling her gorgeous and that she is a celebrity.

And it's amazing to get 100 scores on all of your subjects! O_O I liked those kind of characters that they are smart but they are not so uptight and instead easy going. All people should be more easy going but I do like some uptight people sometimes. And that is why people are different and original and we love them and each other and we shouldn't hate ourselves because of who we are! Ending off a review with some good messages to the fellow peeps and homies! ACHIEVEMENT GET!

Haha, and on that note, that is all for this review. I know it wasn't much but dang, I had fun with it. I also had fun with one of the recent posts when I keep saying 'DO IT!' and 'MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!' XD I love that meme^^ And thus, I shall see you all next time! Have a great day, everyone!!!