Friday, May 8, 2015

Manga Review : Shingeki no Kyojin (Chapter Queen Historia,The Ackerman Family and Titan Levi?! Maybe?!

Hello,everyone and how are you guys doing today? I'm good and doing well. I think I'm going to be sick but I really am trying to not getting sick because it sucks and yesterday sucked because I got a lot of headaches^^"/ Sorry for saying suck a lot because yesterday was very sucky for  me and not because of the headaches. I was going to watch Death Parade on an anime site that I always watch anime but the video players are different,it lags a bit and a LOT of ads!! It was a little frustrating and can you guys let me know what anime sites do you guys watch and are they good?

After what happened yesterday,today I was checking to see if the new chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack On Titan is already out yet. It's already out and after I red the chapter,I decided to make a review on it instead of the anime reviews I was going to make.Let me know what you guys think of me making Manga reviews,do you guys like it? And of course,it contains spoilers especially to those who only watch anime. I haven't red One Piece manga for awhile now and I got spoiled but don't worry,I don't really care about it but SPOILERS Luffy's learned a new ability! And that is all I'm going to say because if I say the name of the ability or the technique,you guys could see it while you're reading this paragraph.

So,enough dilly dally in the alley and yes,I said all that because it rhymed XD Let's get this review started! So,in this chapter we learned about Kenny's past,Levi's past and about the previous King who was a titan and they brainwashed everyone in the walls. This chapter was full surprises because we never knew about Levi's past (Unless,it was already shown in the OVAs which I didn't watch for some reason..) and it was pretty sad to see him like that,in that kind of state and having that ind of life. I thought Kenny met him like he was the infamous kid who rules the underworld ad Kenny took a liking to him and took him under his wing or something. So,Kenny is Levi's Uncle Kenny^^/

And what do you guys think at the end when Kenny gave him the formula to make you turn into a titan? Will Levi become a titan? Or maybe he will give it to Erwin so that they can study about it and maybe make more of those formula that makes titan Eren harden (Pause.) ability like the Armor Titan. But if Levi really will become a titan,I would imagine him being a little titan with great agility.What do you guys think? And to add before I end this review, even though the author published this only once a month it is pretty worth it when you think about it but I guess it depends on the content in the chapter.

And thus,I shall bring this review to an end! I hope you guys like the review,let me know what you guys think about the review and let me know which anime site is good for watching anime.Maybe Crunchyroll is good,I'll try it out soon but for now,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/