Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anime Review - Angel Beats

Hey guys,today I'm going to make another anime review and that is "Angel Beats"! The anime starts off with I guess the main character,Otonnashi,he wakes up and find himself in a campus and he saw a girl,holding a machine gun,Yurippe(I think it's a machine gun^^") to fight the "Angel" .So,the anime is about the afterlife,a life after you died and in order to pass on,I think that is what its called.You have to do what you do in school,learning,attending the school activities and do what the angel tells you to do.

Yrippe is a leader of a group called "S.S.S",its kinda a rebel group against the god because they think it doesn't fair that they die and they don't have or get some good memories before they die.In the anime,the first few episodes they fight the angel and I forgot to tell you guys the angel's name,her name is Tachibana Kanade.And in the anime you will find out some of the character's past or before they die.

The group thought that when the souls/students in the campus vanished,they think the students vanished completely but they're not they just passing on,feeling no regrets and rest in peace.And that is why they keep fighting the angel and rebel against her so that they can fight god.So,when you watch the anime,you'll see they're activities like fighting the angel and one more thing,they can't die but they can feel pain and when their fighting the angel,they use weapons like an axe,a sword but mostly guns.

So,what are you waiting for guys?Go watch the anime and if some of you already watch it,the ending was awesome but sad right?^^ Wondering what's going to happened in the ending you guys wonder?Go watch and find out,there are only 14 episodes and the anime is cool,funny and sad.I love it and I see you guys later and have a great day!^^//